Microsoft Teams Permissions Tool
DeliverPoint is a Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Teams Permissions Tool that provides contextual permissions reporting and permissions management for the SharePoint Site Owner, and Microsoft Teams Owner.
Microsoft Teams Permissions Tool: DeliverPoint!

DeliverPoint is a SharePoint and Microsoft Teams Permissions Tool that provides intuitive, detailed permission reports that can be run against a single Team or Site, or across multiple Teams and Sites. Cloning Permissions between Microsoft Teams, Copying, Transferring, Deleting Permissions are just a few of the bulk management capabilities.

As users join your organization, change roles, or retire, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint permissions become harder to manage. DeliverPoint makes it easy to stay on top of permission changes either as an Administrator or the user with owner rights at Team or Site level.

How will your organization benefit from the DeliverPoint?
DeliverPoint brings to your attention all of the blind spots surrounding SharePoint and Teams permissions. You’ll discover within a couple of clicks reports of all internal and external users, the permissions they have to your content, and exactly how those permissions came about, even if they were granted through nested Active Directory security groups.
  • Team Owners can use a powerful Microsoft Teams Permissions Tool from within the Microsoft Teams interface.
  • Team owners will have confidence that the right people have access to their content
  • Permission changes can be performed across multiple Microsoft Teams in one action enabling you to make changes in alignment with personnel changes.