Lightning List Actions enables you to create command bar buttons that perform Bulk Actions on SharePoint List items. Actions can include updating field values, sending emails, and more…
Core Features

ightning List Actions is the perfect complement to Lightning Forms, but can also be used independently of Lightning Forms. Rather than opening individual list items to update fields such as Approval Status, Resetting field values such as holiday entitlement, or sending emails to notify creators of list items that a request has been approved, Lightning List Actions provides the ability to create new command bar buttons with actions that can be performed against multiple selected items.

Bulk Actions On Your Modern List Items

Lightning List Action Buttons help users of Microsoft Lists or SharePoint Lists to perform a series of actions against entire lists, or selected list items. Actions include the updating of field values, sending approval notifications, creating list items, and calling workflows.

Add Command Bar Buttons With Ease

SharePoint List or Microsoft List owners and designers are empowered to create command bar buttons with ease. Without code, you can configure a series of actions behind a modern command bar button that will display to your users. Command bar buttons can also be easily configured to only display to users of a certain role, or conditionally display based upon values within the selected list item.

Complement Custom List Forms

Lightning Forms helps business users to build custom forms that improve the layout and the logic of SharePoint list forms. Action buttons can be created within SharePoint list forms using Lightning Forms, but Lightning List Actions extends that capability to trigger actions on the selected SharePoint list items from within the List View.

Watch a Quick Overview Of Lightning List Actions

Within this video, we explore Lightning List Actions for use within Microsoft Lists and Modern SharePoint Lists in SharePoint Online. Using Lightning List Actions, we easily create command bar buttons to update, or perform actions against multiple selected SharePoint list items.

SharePoint List Action Buttons

Add action buttons to your SharePoint list like this Expense Approval button. The button performs multiple actions on the SharePoint list items such as modifying the Approved field to Yes, Sending an email notification to the Expense Claimant, and Reloading the page. The Line Manager can easily select multiple items and approve them all in one click, rather than visit each item individually.

Adding SharePoint List Action Buttons

SharePoint List Action buttons can be created quickly and easily. There is no coding experience required, and List Owners or Designers can create the buttons and actions within the context of the list itself.  Action buttons can also be configured to display only to the user with the rights to perform the action.

Building a series of list actions

Actions that can be configured include Updating field values with simple or complex expressions, sending emails, adding list items, creating list items or folders, running custom script, and calling other workflows.

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