Data Viewer for SharePoint 2013 & 2016

The Data Viewer is a powerful web part that enables business users to build data views based upon SharePoint or external data. Without code, business users can select columns, add grouping and conditional formatting to help key data to stand out.

Core Features


he Data Viewer Web Part enables business users to bring content onto their SharePoint pages based upon SharePoint list content or External Data such as Microsoft SQL databases, Business Connectivity Services Entities, OData and more. Grids are fully customizable and allow for create, update, delete operations, calculated columns, aggregate functions, and conditional formatting.

Powerful Data Views for SharePoint

The Data Viewer Web Part enables business users to easily create data views within their SharePoint sites to expose line of business data. Key information from line of business systems can be highlighted using conditional formatting allowing your users to spot critical issues and act on changes within underlying data.

Create Update & Delete

Optionally, business users will be able to right back to external data. If users have the required permissions, they will be able to make updates, delete rows, and add new rows to the data source. The data is linked dynamically which would allow for immediate updates to be made.

Connect to SharePoint Chart

Via Web Part Connections, the Lightning Tools Data Viewer can be connected to the Lightning Tools Chart Web Part. 3D or 2D Charts can be created allowing you to easily bring business dashboards to SharePoint based upon external data sources all without code.

Video: Connect to Business Connectivity Services

Within this 10 minute video, we connect to Microsoft SQL via Business Connectivity Services. Selecting multiple columns from the external content type, we then apply data formatting and conditional formatting. The Data Viewer web part can be connected to multiple data sources including SQL, Oracle, SharePoint lists and more.

Connect to multiple data sources

The Lightning Tools Data Viewer web part provides you with the ability to create views of data from almost any external data source, insert data, edit data, and delete data (assuming the user has the correct permissions). Users can configure the data viewer web part without the use of SharePoint Designer 2013.

Create, Read, Update and Delete

Using the Data Viewer Web Part for SharePoint 2013, you can configure connections easily using the simple wizard. Simply select the provider and then complete the required fields such as the server name for the SQL server or the URL for the service containing the data.

The Data Viewer Web part allows for various authentication options such as windows authentication or mixed mode. If you are connecting to an SQL server database, you can browse the Tables, Views or Stored Procedures that you would like to connect to.

The Data Viewer Web Part provides the user the option of Inserting, Updating and Deleting Data which will write back to the external data source. Users can perform such operation depending upon their permission in the external data source and also as to whether Insert, Update, and Delete operations have been enabled in the Web Part properties.

Build Powerful Views

The grid view for the web part is configured once the connection has been created. Simply check the columns from the external data source that you wish to display, provide a column alias, grouping, formatting, and alignment. Conditional formatting, aggregate functions and sorting are among the many features that can be applied without the use of SharePoint Designer 2013.

Conditional Formatting

Conditional Formatting options allow the user to be able to highlight cells or rows in custom colors depending on a condition such as Units In Stock are below.