DeliverPoint for SharePoint 2013 – 2019

Lightning Tools DeliverPoint is a SharePoint Permissions Management Tool for Site Owners, Site Collection Administrators, and SharePoint Farm Administrators. Gain full control of SharePoint permissions!

Core Features


eliverPoint is an integrated, SharePoint permissions management tool that helps the business user to fully report and manage permissions within their lists, libraries, sites and site collections contextually. Farm administrators or specified users can manage and report on permissions centrally as everyday changes occur within your business such as changing user roles or staff turnover.


Contextual SharePoint Permissions Management

Business Users within organization can create SharePoint Sites, Lists, Libraries and Content for their team members. The business users know who should have access to that content, and have the responsibility to manage the permissions on the content. DeliverPoint makes that easier by including all users in permission reports even if Active Directory Security Groups were used to grant permissions. Business Users can bulk manage permissions within their sites or site collections as changes occur with personnel in their departments leading to a well managed and secure site.

Centralized SharePoint Permissions Management

Sometimes changes need to occur centrally across multiple sites, site collections, web applications or across the entire farm. SharePoint Farm Administrators or users with the DeliverPoint auditor or DeliverPoint operator can report and manage permissions on a global scale  as changes occur in your organization. Bulk permission operations occur through scheduled jobs that don’t affect the performance of SharePoint in your SharePoint Farm.

SharePoint Permissions Reporting

Discover Permissions Reports can be executed at site, site collection, list, library and item level either individually or by bulk selecting objects to report upon. Reports are flexible offering filtering, sorting and exporting to Excel. Learn who changed permissions through powerful auditing, or setup rules to alert you by email should permission changes occur. Operations such as Copy Permissions, Transfer Permissions, Delete Permissions and Grant Permissions can be controlled within sites or through centralized permissions pages.

SharePoint Permission Reporting Tool

By watching this short video, you can see how DeliverPoint discovers permissions within the SharePoint team site, list or library and at item level.

First of all, we enumerate all users and demonstrate how to filter the users based upon permission level.

Furthermore, the reports show exactly how permissions are granted to each user, even via an Active Directory group.

We also demonstrate the Unique permissions report which shows all specific account permissions granted across the farm. Finally, demonstrating the Transfer permissions operation and the compare permissions report between two sites.

SharePoint Permissions Management On Folders And Lists

Often, permission inheritance is broken when sharing a list item or folder. Breaking permission inheritance on items or folders then becomes a time consuming problem for you. When someone changes roles, or leaves your organization, how do you know what the have permissions to? DeliverPoint helps you with single click accurate permission reporting on lists and items.

Schedule SharePoint Permission Reports

Each of our SharePoint permission reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel, and can also be scheduled to run at a time that suits you. Each month for example, you could have a permissions report automatically generated, showing you or your Site Owners what permissions have been changed.

Discover SharePoint Permissions And Broken Permission Inheritance Within A List Or Library

Document libraries may contain thousands of documents, how would you know if or where broken permission inheritance occurs? DeliverPoint will as a result, produce lists of all documents with broken permission inheritance. Consequently, you can discover and manage the permissions on those documents.

Show Exactly How SharePoint Permissions Have Been Granted

Even in cases where you use Active Directory Groups, The Discover Permissions report will enumerate every single user who has permissions to your content. You can drill down to see how they were granted permissions. e.g. through direct permissions, SharePoint Group membership, or Active Directory Security Groups. Never be left in the dark again, as to who really has permissions to your content.

Unique SharePoint Permissions Report

Do you have a user changing roles, or leaving the organization? To display specific account granted permissions (User or Domain Group), run the Unique Permissions Report.

All group memberships, Site Collection Administration Designations, Site Permissions, List Permissions, Folder and Item Permissions are included within the report. It can be scoped at Farm, Web Application, Site Collection, or Site Level. Likewise, the report can also be exported (Snapshot).


Learn Why Honaco Recommends DeliverPoint

Honaco Informationstechnologie GmbH & Co. KG is an IT consultancy based in Munich, Germany. They specialize in SharePoint services and products, and they have been recommending Lightning Tools DeliverPoint to their clients to help manage and report on permissions. Here is the story of one of those clients… 

Manage SharePoint Permission Inheritance On Sites And Lists

Do you come across sites and lists that have broken permission inheritance instead of inherited permissions?

It’s time consuming to re-inherit on site or list each time, while, in contrast, using DeliverPoint, you can manage inheritance in bulk on multiple selected sites and lists.