SharePoint Chart Web Part

SharePoint Chart Web Part

Check Multiple Data Sources

Configure Charts in minutes for Microsoft SQL, Oracle, Business Connectivity Services, Excel (with or without Excel Services), SharePoint Lists (Across Site Collections), CSV, and Web Part connections as data sources.

Check Drill Down and Interactive Charts

Drill down into the charts to show more charting or data that the chart is based upon. Charts are configured in minutes and simple enough to be configured by SharePoint users.

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Video: Build powerful SharePoint dashboards in minutes

The SharePoint Chart Web Part can be configured in just a few minutes to show charts based on Business Connectivity Services, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, Microsoft Excel Workbooks and SharePoint Lists. Below are two examples of dashboards that were configured without any code or the use of PerformancePoint. The web part is simply inserted on the page, and configured by the SharePoint Information Worker. Using BCS Meta Man, The Data Viewer Web Part and the Chart Web Part, your dashboards based upon Business Connectivity Services can be configured easily.

SharePoint Dashboard Charts

Financial Dashboard based on SharePoint Lists

SharePoint Chart Web Part

Sales Dashboard based on BCS

SharePoint Chart Web Part

Build 3D or 2D SharePoint Charts

The SharePoint Chart web part is an easy to configure web part that enables you to build charts on SharePoint content, Business Connectivity Services data, Microsoft SQL, Oracle or Microsoft Excel. The charts can be built in less than 15 minutes enabling Business Intelligent dashboards to be created in no time at all.


SharePoint Chart Web Part

Interactive Pie Charts, Spin, Slice

There is a large selection of chart types to choose from including 2D or 3D bar charts, line charts, Pie charts and more. Users can configure data formatting, filters, grouping and aggregate functions using the easy to use step by step wizard.

Although you can preview the chart within the configuration wizard, you can also easily change your mind and just select a different chart type to represent your data if you are unhappy with the look and feel.

Your chart and its data can also be exported so that it can be used in other office applications such as Microsoft Excel.

SharePoint Chart Web PartSingle or Multiple Series Charts

As well as the chart type, users can customize the series, chart and axis titles, data display settings, chart appearance such as colours and formatting, trend lines and data formatting. The mult-tabbed interface makes configuring very powerful, but also straight forward and simple to use.

SharePoint Chart Web PartMultiple Data Sources Including BCS, SharePoint Lists, Oracle, SQL, Excel

The SharePoint Chart web part can be configured to connect to data within SharePoint Lists which includes cross site collection lists allowing you to display data such as a Tax list even from a site in another site collection. This complements the Lightning Conductor Web Part and the Data Viewer Web Part from Lightning Tools that can display data within a grid from across multiple site collections or also rollup data from multiple site collections. Meta Man can be used to create external content types for Business Connectivity Services. Once the External Content Type is created, as well as building SharePoint External Lists, you could build dashboard based upon BCS using the Data Viewer and Chart web parts. Finally, if you do not use BCS, it is possible to create connections directly to Microsoft SQL and Oracle. Excel Services dashboards can also be made more powerful by using the Chart web part to build extensive charts based on an Excel workbook.

The SharePoint Chart web part is offered in association with Collabion who are part of the FusionCharts company. Lightning Tools is an official reseller of the Collabion Charts product.


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