SharePoint Online Permissions Management Tool (for Office 365)

DeliverPoint Professional Add-In for Office 365 SharePoint Online is a permissions management tool that empowers your Site Collection Administrators to be able to report and manage SharePoint permissions more effectively. SharePoint permissions are too important to get wrong! Broken permissions, incorrectly assigned permissions, limited access, and duplicate permissions are some of the issues faced in SharePoint by all organizations. DeliverPoint helps your Site Collection Administrators to be able to take control of the permissions with accurate reporting and the tools to manage permission in bulk.

Business Benefits include:

  • Manage¬†SharePoint Permissions in bulk:
    • when users leave the organization
    • when you need to transfer permissions between individuals
    • when you need to grant permissions to multiple objects
  • Discover the permissions a user has anywhere in your site collections
  • Gain a thorough understanding of who has permissions to your content
  • Understand how permissions were granted to the content
  • Take snapshot reports from the Discover Permission pages
  • Gain an understanding of Permission Inheritance throughout the site collection
  • Produce permission reports in context of SharePoint Online (Integrated)
Additional Information
Explore the DeliverPoint Add-In for Office 365 in this short 8 minute video.

DeliverPoint Add-In Pro InContext ReportingIn-context permission reporting

DeliverPoint enables users to discover permissions within the context of the SharePoint User Interface. You don’t need to navigate to another application or open a windows based tool to report on permissions.

Using DeliverPoint, you can simply select the documents, list items or folders and then click Discover Permissions from the DeliverPoint ribbon to see exactly who has permissions to your content.






DeliverPoint Add-In Pro Discover Permissions

Discover Permissions Report

The DeliverPoint Discover Permissions report displays a full list of all users that have permissions to the site, list/library or item. You can see exactly what permissions each account has to the selected object, as well as how the permissions were assigned. DeliverPoint allows you to filter each user to check for duplicate permissions, filter by Permission Level to see which users are granted each permission level, and also filter by the ‘Permissioned Via’ column to see who has received permissions via a particular SharePoint or Azure group.
DeliverPoint Add-In Pro Copy Permissions

Managing Permissions

Imagine that a user leaves your organization. How much time is taken up trying to find all of the places where they were assigned permissions, and then removing them before assigning them to their replacement user?

DeliverPoint provides operations that can be performed on entire site collections, selected sites or lists as the scope. Copy permissions, transfer permissions, grant permissions and delete permissions can all be performed saving you endless hours of time.



DeliverPoint Add-In Pro Unique Permissions

Unique Permissions

Through the Unique Permissions Report, DeliverPoint empowers site collection administrators to view the permissions assigned to a specific account (User or Group) anywhere within the site collection. The report will show all of the groups that the selected account is a member of, what sites they have permissions to and how the permissions were assigned, which lists or libraries they have permissions to, and which items they have permissions to. Permissions can be modified if they are deemed to be incorrect, or assigned in bulk to another user account.






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