Social Squared Customer Story - Technology Sector

Lightning Tools Social Squared is used across many industry sectors, which includes the technology sector. There are many public forums available on the internet that focus on technology-based discussions. These forums help answer questions every day for technical staff that need help. The same Forum structure can also be applied to your organization.


ocial Squared is the ideal platform for users to post technical questions. Across the internet, you’ll find discussion forums are often the platform to serve users researching answers to technical questions. StackOverflow is one of the many platforms that provides technical forums.

Software developers, System Administrators, and Power Users often research answers to questions when they need help. You don’t always plan to research questions within a forum, but after using search engines, your answer is usually within a forum from a technical expert who has experienced the same issue that you are experiencing.

The forum structure provides the ideal platform for you to provide feedback, if the answer also helped you. Or, if not, you can easily join the conversation and explain the issue that you are having. This often leads to a subject matter expert answering you directly.

The same experience can be applied to your organization, and has been by many technology companies. Instead of relying on emails for Q&A, Forum Groups are used, and organized by the type of software used in the organization. e.g. Forum Groups such as “Programming”, and Forums such as “RUST” or “Javascript” are created. Microsoft 365 is often a Forum Group with forums such as “Planner”, “SharePoint”, “Teams”, and “Groups”.

Moderators can be assigned to the forums to help keep the content consistent and relevant to the forum.

One particular company uses Social Squared for its technical sales team to ask questions of engineers. The platform provides a simple mechanism to ask questions, and the answers benefit everyone who is a member.

Social Squared can be used across SharePoint and Microsoft Teams, and is also available on your mobile device.

Arjun Patel
Computer Science Tutor

Social Squared provides my students with the platform for coding discussions. We have created Forum Groups and Forums around the modules that we teach which include Python Programming and Transact SQL. With Social Squared, the posts allow for code insertion and formatting which is a great feature! My students benefit from engagement with each other, and allows them to communicate with me outside of the classroom environment should they have questions. This benefits the other students as well who can view the questions and the verified answers.

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