Balancing Access and Security: SharePoint Permissions in the Age of Microsoft Copilot

In a rapidly evolving world of digital workplaces, SharePoint stands out as a key platform for collaboration and information management. However, as organisations grow and their SharePoint environments expand, managing permissions can become increasingly complex. This complexity is compounded when integrating cutting-edge AI tools like Microsoft Copilot, which can access and respond with information across your SharePoint sites. While Copilot’s ability to provide instant answers and insights can significantly boost productivity, it also raises important concerns about data privacy and access control.

The Challenge of Permissions in SharePoint

As a SharePoint Site Owner, you are tasked with the critical responsibility of managing who has access to what within your SharePoint site. This task is far from straightforward due to the granular nature of SharePoint permissions, which can be assigned at the site, list, library, folder, and even the file level. Ensuring that users have access to the information they need to perform their jobs, without overstepping into data they shouldn’t access, is a delicate balance.

The introduction of AI tools like Microsoft Copilot into this ecosystem adds another layer of complexity. Copilot’s ability to fetch and compile information based on user queries means that it operates within the permissions assigned in SharePoint. This scenario could potentially lead to situations where Copilot responds with information that a user, under normal circumstances, should not be privy to. Therefore, the integrity of permissions within SharePoint becomes even more critical.

The Role of DeliverPoint in Effective Permissions Management

Managing permissions effectively requires more than just diligence; it requires the right tools. DeliverPoint is specifically designed to address the challenges Site Owners and IT Administrators face in managing SharePoint permissions. Here’s how DeliverPoint can transform the way you manage permissions in SharePoint:

Real-time and Scheduled Permissions Reporting

Understanding the current state of permissions, broken inheritance, and sharing settings across your SharePoint environment is the foundation of effective access control. DeliverPoint provides both real-time and scheduled reports that give you comprehensive insights into how permissions are structured across your sites. These reports make it easier to identify potential issues before they become problematic.

Managing Permissions Directly from Reports

One of the standout features of DeliverPoint is the ability to make changes to permissions directly from within the reports. This functionality significantly streamlines the process of updating permissions, ensuring that any necessary adjustments can be made quickly and accurately. Whether it’s revoking access that was mistakenly granted or adjusting permissions in response to changes in project teams, DeliverPoint ensures that these tasks are as straightforward as possible.

Addressing Broken Inheritance

In SharePoint, permission inheritance ensures that sub-sites, folders, and documents inherit permissions settings from their parent site. However, broken inheritance can occur when exceptions are made, leading to unique permissions that deviate from the parent. This can create pockets of information that are either too restricted or too loosely controlled. DeliverPoint helps you identify and manage these instances of broken inheritance, ensuring that your permissions structure remains coherent and secure.


The integration of AI tools like Microsoft Copilot into SharePoint environments underscores the importance of meticulous permissions management. While Copilot can enhance productivity and information access, it also necessitates a tighter control over permissions to prevent unauthorised access to sensitive information. DeliverPoint emerges as an essential tool in this context, providing Site Owners and IT Administrators with the capabilities they need to manage permissions effectively, maintain data privacy, and leverage AI advancements safely.

Managing SharePoint permissions is a complex, but crucial task. With the right tools and strategies, it’s possible to maintain a secure and efficient digital workplace that harnesses the power of AI responsibly.

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