DeliverPoint Release – Permissions Reporting & Management for SharePoint Online

DeliverPoint is a SharePoint permissions reporting and permissions management tool designed to be used by Site Owners, Site Collection Administrators, and Tenant or Farm Administrators. DeliverPoint is available for SharePoint On-Premises as well as SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams.

With the SharePoint out-of-the-box permissions reporting features, Site Owners and Site Collection Administrators find it difficult to understand exactly who has access to the content contained within the site and subsites. Within lists and libraries, files and folders need to be reported on individually which is incredibly time consuming. Active Directory Groups are not enumerated either, resulting in users being permissioned directly unnecessarily, or a lack of confidence on who exactly has access to confidential information.

Tenant and Farm Administrators are also challenged since there is no user interface out-of-the-box with SharePoint that provides bulk reporting and bulk permissions management.

With DeliverPoint, Site Owners and Site Collection Administrators can run permission and sharing reports contextually within their sites, lists, libraries, and folders or items. When changes are required, actions such as Transfer Permissions, Copy Permissions, and Delete Permissions can be used.

Tenant or Farm administrators can report on and manage permissions in bulk centrally using DeliverPoint, including a focus on individual users who may be leaving the organization or changing roles.

In this release, we’ve made several improvements to Permissions reporting with DeliverPoint including:

  • Report Settings & Scope included in exported reports
  • Discover Permissions – Permissions via Groups view
  • Display folder hierarchy in Sharing Links Report
  • Option to send email notifications when permissions are granted
  • People picker in Advanced Permissions report
  • Modify Expiration Date in Sharing Links Report
  • Settings and Prefilters in Scheduled Reports

Let’s jump into the first improvement with exported reports:

Report Settings & Scope included in exported report

Exporting the permissions reports has always been available with DeliverPoint. Exported reports offer a snapshot of the live reports so that the report can be provided to auditors where they can be analysed without access to the site(s). Now, filters, sorting options, and other settings will be honoured when the report is exported from the live dynamic report. Of course, when you are within Excel, you can filter or sort further using Microsoft Excel.

Include Report Settings, Scope, Filters, and Sort Criteria within exported reports

Discover Permission – Permissions via Groups view

Our Discover Permissions Report includes a list of all users that are permissions within the selected sites, lists, or items. The groups can be expanded to see how permissions were assigned to each user. Now, you can ‘Render by Groups’. Rendering by groups will display all groups including SharePoint Groups, Microsoft 365 Groups, and Active Directory Security Groups that are permissioned to the Site, List or Items. The groups can then be expanded to see the nested groups and users that are granted permissions.

Render by Groups view to show Groups then users

Option to display folder structure in advanced sharing link report

DeliverPoint Sharing Links reports can be run with the scope of Site Collection(s), Site(s), Lists/Libraries, and Folder(s) and Item(s). The report provides a list of sharing links within the given scope saving you from having to report on files and folders individually. e.g. If I run a Sharing link report at Site Collection level, the report will include any list or items that have been shared within the site. If a file or folder is nested in other folders, and shared, the item or folder will now appear with its full folder path rather than being displayed in a flat view. This is optional, but showing the folder structure can be helpful when determining which sharing links exist.

Option to display folder structure within Advanced Sharing Link report

Notify Users Via Email option

Using DeliverPoint, you can grant permissions either Directly, or through SharePoint Groups or Microsoft 365 Groups. The permissions can be granted against multiple objects in one action. e.g. There maybe several sites that I would like to grant access to for a specific user. When I do so, the user being granted the permissions can receive a summary email of the permissions granted if the option is enabled.

Notify Users via Email of permissions granted

People picker in Advanced Permission Reports

A subtle improvement is to include the people picker in the filter settings prior to running an advanced report such as Advanced Discover Permissions or Advanced Sharing Links. Including the people picker helps to avoid typo’s and therefore misleading reports.

People picker in Advanced Permission Reports

Change the Expiry Date for expiring sharing links

When a sharing link has been created, or security purposes, a expiry date can be set using the out-of-the-box permissions features of Microsoft SharePoint. Lightning Tools DeliverPoint now has the ability to change the expiry date from within the sharing link reports.

Change the expiry date setting for Sharing Links

Additional Scheduled Reporting Capabilities

Scheduled reports have been extended to include Sharing Links and Unique Permissions. The scheduling feature allows for large reports to be scheduled and generated as a snapshot report within a SharePoint document library where they can be accessed. The scheduled reports also now have the ability to be pre-filtered and settings refined inline with the Advanced Permissions reports offered by DeliverPoint.

Scheduled Reports extended to Sharing Links and Unique Permissions with pre-filters and settings included

We’ll be demonstrating these new features, along with an overview of DeliverPoint on Thursday 15th December 2022.

Attend our DeliverPoint Webinar:
Thursday 15th December 2022

See an overview of DeliverPoint and how it can help you to improve your permissions management in SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive. Get a first look at the new features in version

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