Lightning Conductor Release – Adaptive Cards for Viva Connections

When we developed the Lightning Conductor web part, our primary aim was to offer a time-saving solution for individuals and organizations seeking efficient content retrieval. This content, spanning tasks, documents, events, or organization-specific data, often resides in various lists, libraries, sites, or even separate applications such as Planner, Microsoft ToDo, and Teams, making it challenging to locate promptly and sometimes resulting in unnecessary duplication of content.

The Lightning Conductor empowers site administrators to build content views tailored to their members and readers, consolidating relevant tasks, documents, and other data from multiple sources into a single, easily accessible view. This approach enables you to maintain the structure of your Microsoft 365 environment while significantly enhancing convenience when looking for content. While Microsoft 365 offers a search feature, it relies on prior knowledge of item existence, whereas the Lightning Conductor streamlines content access through powerful views.

Have a go building some Lightning Conductor Views using the interactive demonstration below:

Furthermore, we’ve extended this convenience by enabling content exposure through Adaptive Cards for Microsoft Viva Connections, seamlessly integrating our solution with this centralized employee engagement platform within Microsoft Teams. This integration enables users to access a dashboard, aggregating information, and promoting internal communication and engagement. Adaptive Cards within Viva Connections enhance this experience further, making dynamic and interactive content accessible across a range of sources, including SharePoint, Graph Entities, Microsoft 365, and external systems, all tailored to individual user profiles.

This capability transforms the Lightning Conductor into a powerful tool for delivering relevant content directly to Viva Connections dashboards, offering examples such as JIRA issue tracking, Salesforce order updates, Teams channel calendars, task management, and document access from various sources.

To witness the Lightning Conductor in action and gain insights from Brett Lonsdale, Founder of Lightning Tools and Microsoft 365 Apps and Services MVP, we invite you to register for our upcoming webinar. This event offers an opportunity to see the product’s capabilities firsthand and engage in a Q&A session.

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