Lightning Tools SPFx Client Side Web Parts in the SharePoint Store

On July 16th 2020, Microsoft announced the SharePoint Framework 1.11 availability and with it came the ability to publish SharePoint Framework SPFx 1.11 apps to App Source for use within SharePoint and Microsoft Teams. Today 31st July 2020, the ability to publish to the store went live, and we are delighted at Lightning Tools to announce that three of our SPFx products are now available through App Source!


This is huge news for us at Lightning Tools! For years, we were able to publish our Add-In’s to the SharePoint store which made the Lightning Conductor Add-In and Data Viewer Add-In available. Unfortunately we were not able to publish the DeliverPoint Add-In or Social Squared since they required permissions due to their nature that Microsoft wouldn’t allow. For the past two years, our SPFx Client Side Web Part versions of these products have been available through our web site for download, but not through the store since SPFx solutions could not yet be published there.

The experience is even better now than it was before! An issue with the Add-Ins was the turnaround time to publish hotfixes and updates, and the inability to roll back updates. Now, when you add a SPFx solution from the store, it is uploaded to your app catalog. This allows you to either get updates directly from us when they are published, or when they are updated within the store. Of course, some updates can now be made directly through the CDN. Plus, you can always roll back since you have full visibility to the App through your own SharePoint App Catalog.

The three apps that we have made available so far include:



DeliverPoint is our SharePoint Permissions Reporting & Management tool which is available for Site Owners, Site Collection Admins and SharePoint Admins to report on permissions and manage permissions contextually or centrally within SharePoint and Microsoft Teams. Learn more here.



Lightning Conductor

The Lightning Conductor is our content aggregation tool that enables you to build reports on your SharePoint Lists, Microsoft Graph Entities and Search Content. Easily report on lists such as Tasks, Documents from Sites including Hub Sites and Associated Sites, Microsoft Graph Entities such as Planner Tasks, OneDrive items, and search results such as items returned from a specific content type. Reports can be built within SharePoint Online or Microsoft Teams. Learn more here.



Social Squared

Social Squared is a Discussion Board tool for Microsoft SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams as a Teams Tab or Personal App. Users can engage in conversations that are categories into Forum Groups and Forums. Learn more here.



Data Viewer

The Data Viewer Client Side Web Part which enables you to connect to Lists, External Data such as SQL tables, and Excel workbooks and then built reports and charts. The Data Viewer is just going through regression testing now before being published to the store shortly. However, you can check it out in the meantime here.

To add a trial of any of the above products, you can either Request them from App Source and they all come with a 14 day trial experience, or download from our web site. You may also request a demonstration of any of the above products directly with us.


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