Microsoft Teams Personal Apps

In this blog post, we are going to take a look at Microsoft Teams Personal Apps. Using the Microsoft SharePoint Framework (SPFx), we’re able to build Apps as SharePoint Web Parts and SharePoint Extensions, but also deploy those Apps to Microsoft Teams. Once deployed, you could add a App to a Microsoft Teams Tab. However, more recently, we now have the ability to add an App in Microsoft Teams that isn’t specifically tied to a Team Channel. We can add a Microsoft Teams Personal App which is available to you in Teams and not specifically available just inside one specific Team.

The below video will demonstrate our first Microsoft Teams Personal App which is our Social Squared Discussion Forum Tool. Discussion Forums are of course great to use in Microsoft SharePoint Pages, and also in Microsoft Teams Tabs. What’s great now, is that we can add the App as a Personal App which allows organization scoped Discussion Forums to be created. You can see the Social Squared Personal App for Microsoft Teams below.

In the below screenshot, you can see how our products such as the Lightning Conductor being used to aggregate content within a Microsoft Teams Channel.

Lightning Conductor Teams Tab

To add an App to a Microsoft Teams Tab, you can select Apps from your SharePoint App Catalog, or also from Microsoft App Source.

Adding a SPFx App to a Teams Tab

With Microsoft Teams Personal Apps however, the App is deployed and accessed from the left hand navigation bar.

Adding a Microsoft Teams Personal App

When you add an App using the ellipsis on the left hand navigation bar, you’ll be able to select any App, and add that to a Team. However, Apps which are deployed as Microsoft Teams Personal Apps, will have the Personal Apps section as you can see in the below screenshot. The “Add to Team” button will actually be an “Add” button allowing you to access the App from the left hand navigation bar.

Deploy a Microsoft Teams Personal App

Below, you can see the Social Squared App available within Microsoft Teams as a Personal App.

Social Squared Microsoft Teams Personal App

If you want to try a Microsoft Teams Personal App, why not try Social Squared. Download Social Squared using the button below.

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