Social Squared for SharePoint 2013 – 2016

Social Squared is a SharePoint Discussion Forum Tool that empowers business users to post questions, raise ideas, and build knowledge bases within SharePoint Sites.

Core Features


ocial Squared encourages users to engage in discussions with their co-workers across the organization whilst using SharePoint as the platform. Users will find it intuitive to post questions and receive answers by subject matter experts that benefit everyone with access to the forums. Through moderation, and giving feedback through ratings, voting, and likes, your users will experience a useful knowledge base centred on your organization and created by your employees contributions.

Topic Discussions

When you have a burning question, it’s tempting to interrupt a co-worker or send an email to get the answer. Who benefits? Just the person who asked the question. Posting a question in a discussion forum that’s organized by subject, tagged, and discovered easily will benefit everyone in the organization. 

Feedback to Your Questions

Everyone likes their questions to be answered. With Social Squared, answers are verified by other users through Mark as Answer, Mark as Featured, Votings, Ratings, and Likes. Anyone with a similar question that discoverers the answer will be confident that they found what they are looking for.

Discussion Forums in SharePoint and Mobile Devices

Social Squared forums can be created at site level, but also replicated across many sites for organization wide discussions. Mobile users will also benefit from engagement in the forums via IOS or Android Social Squared phone apps.

Video: Adding posts, Replying to Posts and Configuring the Social Squared web part

Within this 9 minute video, we explore the features of the Social Squared web part. Demonstrating the multiple forum groups, how to create a post, and then use many of the features such as voting, and gamification. We then explore the features and how to enable or disable the functionality for each forum. We also explore the other web parts such as Recent Posts, Most popular user, and the Tag cloud web part.

Multiple Forum Groups

Social Squared is a SharePoint hosted forum solution offering large enterprise organizations a powerful and scalable forum solution. Users of Social Squared benefit from a well structured discussion thread along with the features that they require from a forum solution such as ratings, Mark as Answered, Featured Posts, Forum Moderation, Post via Email + many more features.

Forum groups are easily created by SharePoint Site Administrators allowing each forum group to be tailored to your business requirements. Within the forum group settings, moderators can be set, voting, ratings, badges, and newsfeed integration can be configured.

Profiles, Badges and Gamification

Social Squared provides two modes for user profiles. Social Squared can maintain user profiles for users who perhaps disable My Site functionality or don’t have My Sites available. Alternatively, Social Squared can work with your SharePoint User Profile allowing users to manage their signatures, ‘Ask me About’ and profile pictures through their My Site Settings. In addition, Social Squared users can follow other users allowing posts that they have posted to their Newsfeeds to be available to their followers.

The optional private messaging functionality enables Social Squared users to enter private conversations about work topics.

As you post and reply to topics, you will also earn rewards in the form of badges which are shown on your profile. Another Social Squared web part which can be added to the same page, also shows the most frequent posters within a particular forum group which encourages user participation.

Create Posts with full rich text, tagging, Attach files

When adding a new post, users benefit from Rich Text functionality which enables them to properly format their content, add images, videos and emoticons. Attachments can be added either from a file system, url or SharePoint document library.

While posting a new topic, users can also tag their content using the out of the box Managed Meta Data Term Store or Social Squared’s own tag cloud web part.

Subscriptions to posts that you create allow you to be kept in the look when replies to your post are received. You may also subscribe other users to posts that you think they may be interested in.


Case Study Learn How Severn Trent Water Use Social Squared

Severn Trent Water is based in the Midlands, England and is one of ten regional water and waste authorities in Britain. It’s responsible for water supply management, and wastewater treatment and disposal.

Ratings, Voting, Make Sticky

When clicking on a forum group, summary information will be shown for each topic. This includes the number of views, replies, rating, and details of the last post.

Further reports can be run on Social Squared showing the number of topics created over a specific interval.

Comparison of Social Squared vs. SharePoint Discussion Board

Feature Social Squared SharePoint Discussion List
Data Store SQL Database SharePoint List
Forum Notifications (Alerts) Check Check
Localization Support Check Check
Post voting Check Cross
Mark post as answer Check Check
Topic Rating Check Check
RSS Feed Check Check
Lock Topics Check Cross
Sticky Topics Check Cross
Tagging – Custom Check Check
Move topics between forums Check Cross
Archive to separate Knowledgebase Cross Cross
Featured Posts Check Check
See followers Check Check
Post Attachments Multiple Multiple
Post sorting Check Check
Code syntax highlighting Check Cross
Reply via Email Check Cross
Create Topic via Email Check Check
Customizable CSS, Images and ASCX controls Check Cross
Tagging – Metadata Term Store Check Check
Reports Check Cross
User Reputation \ Gamification Check Check
Reply with quote Check Cross
Report Abuse functionality Check Cross
Alias \ Nickname support Check Cross
Right to Left language support Check Check
Forum Groups Check Cross
Integrated Search Check Check
BCS Search Check N/A
Follow users Check Check
Email subscription management Check Check
Featured Posts Check Check
Customizable Email template Check Requires Development
Notification Digest Check Check
MySite Profile integration Check Check
Enforce Terms and Conditions Check Cross
Anonymous Access Check Check
Active User Web Part Check Cross
Tag Cloud Web Part Check Cross
Recent Activity view Check Check
Attachment restriction settings Check Cross
Email subject filtering Check Cross
Accessibility Support Check Check
Original Post \ Moderator easy identification Check Cross
Phone App (iPhone and Android) Check Cross