Modern Filter Web Parts for SharePoint Online

Announcing Lightning Filters – Modern Filter Web Parts for SharePoint Online

We’ve released a new product and it is free! The new product is a modern filter provider web part for SharePoint Online. Lightning Filters is an SPFx Client Side Web Part that can connect to other client side web parts in order to provide a filter value. Lightning Filters provides the following types of filter value, all from a single web part:

  • Modern Choice Filter Web Part
  • Modern People Filter Web Part
  • Modern Text Filter Web Part
  • Modern Number Filter Web Part
  • Modern Date Filter Web Part

The Modern Filter Web Part is really simple to configure. Add the web part onto any modern SharePoint page, and consume the connection from other web parts such as the Lightning Conductor. Alternatively, if you are a SharePoint developer, and have already built your own custom client side web parts, feel free to consume filter connections from Lightning Filters. There’s some great documentation from Microsoft that will guide you through the process of consuming a connection here. See our Modern Filter Web Part in action with the Lightning Conductor below:

Lightning Filters is completely complimentary for you to use and simple to install. Download the file, and drag the package into your SharePoint App Catalog. So, please fee free to download it now!

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Karl Gerd Schneider
17th April 2020 at 9:50 am

Possible to connect to Standard SharePoint Online Modern SharePoint List WebPart ?

    Sandy Ussia
    20th May 2020 at 4:39 am

    Unfortunately, the built-in SharePoint web parts aren’t able to consume a connection from a custom web part. Lightning Filters can provide data to either the Lightning Conductor (and soon our Data Viewer web part), or a custom SPFx web part you may have built using the guidelines in the link in the article.

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