New release – Social Squared SPFx Discussion Board

Our latest release of Social Squared is now available for SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams and includes the following improvements.

  1. Notification Emails from within Microsoft teams. This update uses Microsoft Teams deep linking to posts from the subscription email. If you are subscribed to a forum or to a topic within Social Squared, any new topics or replies to topics will send an email linking back to the post from within the email. Note, that the link to the post is generated from where the new topic or reply to the topic was generated. So, if a topic that you are subscribed to is replied to from within SharePoint rather than Teams, the URL construction will take place within SharePoint and will take you (the subscriber) to the SharePoint page to view the reply.
Subscribing to a topic in Social Squared from within Microsoft Teams
  1. Additional Moderators – Moderators for Forums can be added from the people picker or by specifying the email address of the moderator.
Adding Moderators to Forums within Microsoft Teams Social Squared
  1. Alert Checkbox – Configure Alerts for new topics or replies as you create them. The author will be subscribed to the topic if the Alert Me option is checked.
Alert Me check box when a new post is created. Social Squared in Teams (Default Mode)
  1. Mark as Answered refinement – Moderators and Site Owners (Administrators) can mark posts as Answered
Post marked as Answered
  1. Inserting Stream video’s and other embedded iframes into Social Squared posts
Insert embedded media into Social Squared posts
  1. Mark posts as favourite – If there are any posts that you like, and want to find them again easily, you can mark them as your favourites.
Mark as favourites
  1. Read and Unread posts – Any new posts that you have not read will appear in bold
  1. Expanding and Collapsing Forum Groups – You can expand and collapse Forum Groups. This is useful if you have a lot of forum groups within an instance of Social Squared.
Enable/Disable Expand/Collapse Forum Groups
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