DeliverPoint: Managing SharePoint Permissions as a Site Owner

In the dynamic world of digital collaboration, SharePoint stands out as a robust platform designed to streamline sharing, management, and organization of documents and projects within businesses. As integral as SharePoint is to fostering team collaboration and document management, its complexity, especially concerning permissions, poses significant challenges for many users. This is particularly true for business users who, as site owners, find themselves at the helm of managing permissions within SharePoint sites. The complexity of SharePoint permissions, combined with the non-specialist nature of many business users, makes it a daunting task to ensure secure and efficient access control. Enter DeliverPoint, a product from Lightning Tools, designed to alleviate these challenges and transform how permissions are managed and understood.

The Challenge of SharePoint Permissions

One of the primary pain points for site owners is the inherent difficulty of understanding and managing SharePoint permissions. SharePoint’s security model is powerful but complex, and managing permissions can often feel like navigating a labyrinth. This complexity is exacerbated by the requirement to manage permissions at the granular level of individual files or folders, which can be time-consuming and prone to error.

Additionally, the advent of sharing links in SharePoint introduces another layer of complexity. While these links are incredibly useful for sharing documents with team members and external partners, controlling and monitoring these links can become a Herculean task for site owners. The result is a situation where business users, who are not experts in security, struggle to maintain a secure and efficient collaborative environment.

DeliverPoint: Simplifying SharePoint Permissions

DeliverPoint addresses these challenges head-on, offering integrated SharePoint permission reports and management features specifically designed to make permission management in SharePoint straightforward and intuitive for site owners. With DeliverPoint, the intricate web of permissions becomes manageable, allowing business users to gain control over who has access to what within their SharePoint sites.

Discover Permissions

At the heart of DeliverPoint’s offering is the Discover Permissions report. This powerful feature generates accurate permission reports, detailing every user with access to the site and elucidating how those permissions were acquired. This transparency is crucial for site owners, allowing them to see at a glance who has access to their sites and on what basis.

SharePoint Permission Report with DeliverPoint

Managing Permissions Made Easy

What sets DeliverPoint apart is not just its ability to report on permissions but also to act on this information directly from the permission reports. Site owners can adjust permissions as necessary right from the report interface, streamlining the process and saving valuable time.

Managing Permissions with DeliverPoint as a Site Owner

In addition to individual permission management, DeliverPoint offers comprehensive reports on sharing links and a permission summary that allows site owners to drill down into the details. These tools are invaluable for keeping track of shared documents and ensuring that access is granted appropriately and securely. The ability to compare permissions and generate scheduled reports adds another layer of control and oversight for site owners.

Sharing Link Reports in SharePoint


For business users tasked with managing SharePoint sites, DeliverPoint offers a lifeline. Its suite of reporting and management features addresses the core challenges of SharePoint permission management, transforming a complex and often frustrating process into a manageable and streamlined operation. With DeliverPoint, site owners can ensure their SharePoint sites are both secure and efficiently managed, freeing them to focus on their primary business objectives. In the ever-evolving landscape of digital collaboration, DeliverPoint stands out as an essential tool for any SharePoint site owner looking to navigate the complexities of permissions with confidence and ease.

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