Social Squared February 2024 Release

The Social Squared Discussion Board tool is a powerful discussion board tool that can be integrated with SharePoint & Teams, enhancing team communication and collaboration. Designed for efficiency, it serves as a centralized hub where teams can engage in discussions and share knowledge seamlessly. With its user-friendly interface and practical features such as Moderation, Mark as Answer, Tagging, and Search, Social Squared goes beyond traditional forum tools, promoting a sense of community and productivity. Social Squared helps to you to build a knowledge base of easy to find questions and answers that serve teams in real-time and well into the future for newly onboarded employees.

This month, based on our customer feedback, we’ve introduced new features to enhance the product further. These include:

1. Dynamic Decision-Making with Polls: One of the standout features of the updated Social Squared Discussion Board is the introduction of polls. Teams can now harness the power of collective decision-making by creating polls within discussions. Whether it’s choosing a project direction, deciding on meeting times, or gathering feedback, the poll feature allows users to vote, providing a quick and efficient way to gauge opinions and reach consensus.

2. Breaking Language Barriers with Post Translation: In a globalized work environment, effective communication knows no borders. The enhanced Social Squared tool addresses language diversity by introducing post translation capabilities. Users can now seamlessly translate posts into different languages, fostering inclusivity and ensuring that valuable insights are accessible to a broader audience. This feature enhances collaboration among teams with members spread across the globe, creating a more connected and cohesive working environment.

Social Squared Discussion Board Translation Feature

3. Elevating Engagement with Improved Gamification: Recognizing and rewarding contributors is crucial for maintaining a vibrant and engaging community. The Social Squared Discussion Board now boasts an upgraded gamification system, displaying the number of points earned by users and highlighting top contributors. This not only motivates active participation but also adds an element of friendly competition, inspiring team members to contribute valuable insights and build a culture of collaboration.

Top Contributor in Social Squared Discussion Board

4. Tailoring Text Editing with Customizable Rich Text Toolbar: To cater to the diverse needs of users, the Social Squared Discussion Board introduces a customizable Rich Text toolbar. This feature empowers users to personalize their text editing experience by adding or removing options based on their preferences. Whether it’s simplifying the toolbar for streamlined interactions or accessing advanced formatting features, this customization option enhances user control and ensures a more efficient content creation process.

Customising the Rich Text Tool Bar in Social Squared

5. Navigating Seamlessly with Customizable Left-Hand Navigation Bar: Flexibility is key in a collaborative environment, and the ability to tailor the navigation experience is a testament to the Social Squared Discussion Board’s commitment to user-centric design. With the new update, users can customize the left-hand navigation bar. This ensures a more intuitive and personalized user experience, allowing teams to navigate seamlessly and access relevant information effortlessly.

Customizing the Menu in Social Squared

6. Speaking Up with Voice Input: Adding a touch of innovation, the Social Squared Discussion Board now supports voice input for posting content. This hands-free option not only caters to users who prefer spoken communication but also introduces a new level of accessibility. Whether users are on the move or simply looking for a more convenient way to contribute, voice input adds a dynamic and user-friendly dimension to the discussion board.

Creating Topics and Replies to Topics via Voice.

In conclusion, the enhanced features of the Social Squared Discussion Board for SharePoint & Teams redefine the collaborative landscape. From empowering users with voice input to promoting inclusive multilingual discussions, these updates make the tool more versatile and user-friendly than ever.

Register for our webinar to see the new features and to provide your feedback and ask questions:

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