Social Squared V11 Release

Social Squared v11 has been released with the following brand new features:

  • Mobile Device App for iPhone & Android Users
  • New Responsive Optional Design
  • Support for Secure Store Authentication


Mobile Device Application

Social Squared users have always been able to post and reply to posts via email. If corporate email is configured on their phones, then they would be able to engage with Social Squared from anywhere. Now with the Social Squared App, users will also be able to create posts through the Rich Text interface as well as Reply to posts, Rate other peoples posts, vote, attach images, follow other users, search the discussion forums and also send instant messages to other Social Squared users.



The Social Squared App can be found by search the Apple Store or Google Play for Android devices.

Responsive New Design

The Social Squared user interface can be modified through CSS, Images and User Controls. Due to many customer requests, Lightning Tools has provided a new skin that can be applied to Social Squared which can be used or simply as an example as to what can be achieved. The new design is also a responsive design allowing the user interface to adjust to smaller resolutions such as those on a small screen or tablet.


Secure Store Authentication

Many of our on-premises customers use windows authentication so that SharePoint users will see security trimmed content whilst using the tool. In environments where the Windows Authentication protocol is NTLM, you will experience the double hop issue. In the past, we requested that users therefore enable mixed mode within the SQL Server environment allowing a fixed username and password to be sent to the SQL Server Database for authentication. As a huge improvement to this process, Lightning Tools has added Secure Store authentication to the Social Squared tools allowing for windows authentication to still take place when NTLM is the chosen Windows Authentication protocol.

Find out More or Download a Trial

Find out more about Social Squared or download a trial from:

REGISTER for a Webinar to see the product in action on Thursday the 15th December at 11am Eastern

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