Lightning Tools Awarded For SharePoint Code Quality

SharePoint Code Quality Awardsharepoint-code-quality

Lightning Tools is very pleased to let you know that we are the first SharePoint independent software vendor (ISV) to be awarded the SharePoint Code Quality certification by Rencore.

Approaching our tenth year as a SharePoint ISV thousands of customers around the world are benefiting from products such as our

Rather than outsourcing development we are proud to employ our own incredible and close team of developers, quality assurance software test engineers, and technical support team that offer global support.

This enables us to continually improve our product features to ensure that we are always adding value to the products for our customers.

Beyond the features, we also thoroughly test our products for performance, reliability, usability, and efficiency.

Some of our products contain over twenty thousand lines of code, which means it is absolutely paramount to ensure that our products are maintainable and that the code can be easily understood among all developers within the product team.

Changes to Microsoft SharePoint are also continual, and therefore we need to make sure that we constantly learn and adapt our code to ensure that it meets the best practices when working with the SharePoint API.

Eighteen months ago we witnessed Matthias Einig, founder of Rencore, demonstrating the capabilities of SPCAF at the SharePoint Evolution Conference in London.

We immediately purchased the SPCAF tool as a way to validate our own code. Up to this point we validated our code manually which was a never-ending task. The SPCAF tool provided us with assurance that our products were in fact adhering to the best coding standards, but also highlighted many areas where we could improve.

The result since then has been a more stable set of products, with reduced development time, and confidence when our products are installed in our customers’ SharePoint environments.

All of our developers have ensured that the products they work on adhere to the high standards that SPCAF checks for.

We were constantly in communication with the team at Rencore to discuss how we could improve our code in some areas.

Rencore subsequently invited Lightning Tools to become the first ISV to be vigorously tested not just for SharePoint code quality, but also for the processes around our customer support, bug reporting, security, interoperability, and testability.

Rencore visited our premises in the UK and witnessed our processes first hand, offering suggestions for improvements and put measures in place to ensure that we continue to meet the best standards required by their certification process.

So far, our

have all passed the SharePoint code quality certification.

Rencore SharePoint Code Quality Award

Social Squared, BCS Meta Man, and our SharePoint Chart tool are also close to being awarded the certification.

Before installing any WSP or SharePoint Add-In into your SharePoint environments, Lightning Tools would highly recommend that you invest in SPCAF yourselves to check the product for compliancy before installing and running it in your environment.

You can then be confident that there are no memory leaks or poorly written code prior to potentially harming your investment in Microsoft SharePoint.

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