DeliverPoint SharePoint Permissions Management (on premises)

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Check Empower your users to manage permissions

SharePoint Site Owners and Site Collection Owners, rather than SharePoint Farm Administrators, often understand more clearly who needs permissions to their SharePoint content.

So, Site Owners & Site Collection Administrators can utilise DeliverPoint, the Lightning Tools SharePoint Permissions Management tool, to accurately report on and manage those permissions effectively.

Check Permission Reporting and Management

DeliverPoint displays users permissions accurately even when permissions are granted through Active Directory groups, as a result, Site Owners & Site Collection Administrators can Copy, Transfer, Delete and Grant permissions either individually or in bulk,  just some of the unique features of the Deliverpoint SharePoint permissions management tool.
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By watching this short video, you can see how DeliverPoint discovers permissions within the SharePoint team site, list or library and at item level.

First of all, we enumerate all users and demonstrate how to filter the users based upon permission level.

Furthermore, the reports show exactly how permissions are granted to each user, even via an Active Directory group.

We also demonstrate the Unique permissions report which shows all specific account permissions granted across the farm. Finally, demonstrating the Transfer permissions operation and the compare permissions report between two sites.


SharePoint Permissions Management on Folders and ListsSharePoint Permissions Management Document Library

DeliverPoint provides Site Owners and Site Collection Administrators with the SharePoint Permissions Management Tool that they require.

This includes discovering permissions, copying, transferring, deleting permissions and managing permission inheritance.


SharePoint Permission ReportsSchedule Reports

Each of our reports, whether scheduled hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly enables you to analyze permissions over given periods of time.

SharePoint Permission Inheritance ManagementDiscover Permissions and Broken Permission Inheritance within a List or Library

Document libraries may contain thousands of documents, how would you know if or where broken permission inheritance occurs?  DeliverPoint will as a result, produce lists of all documents with broken permission inheritance. Consequently, you can discover and manage the permissions on those documents.

SharePoint Permissions Active Directory GroupShow exactly how permissions have been granted

The Discover Permissions report which can be run against single site level, multiple sites, lists, libraries, folders items and documents, displays all users with permissions granted to that object exactly, how, and assigned by who.


Unique Permissions ReportSharePoint Unique Permission Report

To display specific account granted permissions (User or Domain Group), run the Unique Permissions Report.

All group memberships, Site Collection Administration Designations, Site Permissions, List Permissions, Folder and Item Permissions are included within the report.  It can be scoped at Farm, Web Application, Site Collection, or Site Level.  Likewise, the report can also be exported (Snapshot).


SharePoint Permissions ManagementManage Permission Inheritance on Sites and Lists

Do you come across sites and lists that have broken permission inheritance instead of inherited permissions?

It’s time consuming to re-inherit on site or list each time, while, in contrast, using DeliverPoint, you can manage inheritance in bulk on multiple selected sites and lists.


Dead Account DetectionSharePoint Permissions Dead Account Reporting

DeliverPoint produces a report of all users who have permissions within SharePoint, despite the Active Directory Account being disabled or deleted.

DeliverPoint provides an option to remove all dead accounts or specific dead accounts therefore cleaning the permission set for users.


SharePoint Permissions ManagementBulk SharePoint Permissions Management

Using DeliverPoint, you can copy, transfer, delete or grant permissions in bulk at Farm, Web Application, Site Collection, Site or List scope. This becomes even more useful, either when users leave the organization, change departments or locations, or when new members join the team.

Above all, these operations prove invaluable at allowing you to manipulate permissions across potentially thousands of objects in one action.