Lightning Conductor Web Part

SharePoint List Rollup

Check Cross Site Collection Aggregation

Roll-up SharePoint Content easily across site collections or web applications.

Check Build powerful views without code

Using the Lightning Conductor, you can build powerful views without the need to write code. Include conditional formatting, calculated columns and multiple level grouping.
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Video: Build powerful views without code

Within this 12 minute video, the Lightning Conductor Web Part is configured from scratch to aggregate Task list content from multiple site collections whilst adding multiple levels of grouping and multiple columns without writing any code.

Using the built in Calendar View, content is also aggregated from multiple calendars throughout multiple web applications and displayed within a calendar.

Build Dynamic ViewsLightning Conductor 2013

Using a single instance of the Lightning Conductor web part, you can build multiple views of rolled-up content within the same web part. Those views can contain aggregated content from the same list type or different list types. This helps with page performance as the aggregated content is only aggregated when the view is selected and is a great alternative to having multiple instances of a roll-up web part on the same page.

In-Context EditingLightning Conductor 2013

The Lightning Conductor 2013 web part is a SharePoint Cross Site Collection Aggregation web part that provides Edit, Delete functionality on your aggregated SharePoint list items and opens the item in context with the page that you are on, even if the list item in question is returned from another site collection or web application. You won’t find yourself lost in SharePoint after clicking the link to open an aggregated item.

Apply Conditional Formatting

SharePoint list or library content can be rolled up and displayed on pages with conditional formatting allowing you to apply business logic and highlight content that required attention. Conditional Formatting is simple to apply and can contain multiple rules whilst applying formatting to entire rows or columns based upon a criteria being met.

Lightning Conductor 2013Configure Views Simply by Checking Columns

Views are very simple to create! Simply check the columns that you wish to display and set your formatting properties. The dialog provides you with full pagination, sorting, grouping and filter controls allowing you to build a view without having to create view templates with Javascript, HTML or XSLT.



Display Tasks & Calendar Lists within a Calendar ViewCalendarView

No need to purchase multiple web parts! The Lightning Conductor comes with built in views such as the Calendar view. The Calendar View can display both Tasks lists as well as Calendar lists from across multiple sites, multiple site collections and also multiple web applications. SharePoint Calendar Overlays can only display a limited number of Calendars from the current site collection, where as the Lightning Conductor Calendar view is unlimited.





TimelineTimeline View for Rolled up Tasks

The out-of-the-box Timeline Web Part from Microsoft SharePoint can only display a timeline view from a single source. The Lightning Conductor has a built in JSON timeline view allowing for multiple task lists from multiple sites, site collections and web applications to be displayed within a timeline view. This feature is new for SharePoint Online, SharePoint 2013, and SharePoint 2016.











Comparison of Lightning Conductor Web Part and CQWP, CSWP

Feature Lightning Conductor Content by Query Web Part Content by Search Web Part
Works with SharePoint Foundations 2013 Check Cross Cross
Works with SharePoint Server Standard 2013 Check Cross Cross
Rollup content from multiple web applications Check Cross Check
Rollup content from multiple site collections Check Cross Check
Rollup from selected sites or lists from different site collections or web applications Check Cross Cross
Rollup from single site collection Check Check Check
Rollup from specific sites in the site collection Check Check Cross
Build Views without writing code or XSLT Check Cross Cross
Add multiple columns without XSLT or Code Check Cross Cross
Apply formatting without XSLT or Code Check Cross Cross
Easily select columns to display by selecting check boxes Check Cross Cross
Apply Filters without code Check Check Check
Built in Calendar view Check Cross Cross
Built in Posts view Check Cross Cross
Build views with XSLT Check Check Check
Build views with JSON Check Cross Check
Display Rollup Statistics Check Cross Cross
Export rolled up data to Excel or CSV Check Cross Cross
Supports Caching for performance Check Check Check
Content loads independently of page (Ajax) Check Cross Cross
Rollup from multiple list types with columns in common. Check Cross Check
Audience Targeting support Check Check Check
Consume Web Part Connections Check Check Check
In context viewing/editing of content Check Cross Cross
Works with SharePoint Foundations Check Cross Cross
Requires Publishing Feature Cross Check Check
Edit Control Block on Title column Check Cross Cross
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