Webinar – What do you need to know and prepare for when using SharePoint Online vs SharePoint On-Premises?

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Our upcoming webinar is created to prepare you for the shift from SharePoint On-Premises to SharePoint Online. This practical session will offer key insights, strategies, and best practices to facilitate a successful migration. Whether you’re an experienced SharePoint user or a beginner, this webinar will provide you with the essential knowledge of SharePoint Online features, enabling you to leverage the benefits of cloud-based collaboration and data management in SharePoint Online.

Discover the core capabilities of SharePoint Sites in this practical webinar. We’ll provide a comprehensive overview of Hub Sites, Associated Sites, and Communication Sites, showcasing their practical applications for organizational efficiency. Learn how recent improvements to Microsoft Lists can simplify data management and enhance collaboration across your team.

Uncover the versatility and customization potential of Web Parts to optimize your site’s functionality. Explore the use of Adaptive Cards in SharePoint to create interactive, data-rich content that engages users effectively.

In addition, we’ll dive into the intricacies of sharing within the SharePoint ecosystem, ensuring you have a clear understanding of how to control and facilitate access. Join us for a deep dive into these vital SharePoint features and unlock their potential for your digital workspace.

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Brett Lonsdale is the CEO of Lightning Tools, a company he co-founded. He is also recognized as a Microsoft 365 Apps and Services MVP. Brett’s extensive experience and contributions in the field of Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 demonstrate his expertise and dedication to helping organizations leverage these technologies effectively for improved collaboration and digital transformation.

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