Lightning Tools Chat Episode 3.11

Brett and Sandy discuss the new features in our data visualisation tool, the Data Viewer. They also talk about the upcoming Collabdays event, Microsoft Ignite and our new team members!

In this episode of Lightning Tools Chat, Brett and Sandy cover a variety of topics!

00:00 Weather report (as usual 😁)

01:40 Data Viewer background info

04:37 Data Viewer new feature: connect to External Graph Connector data sources

06:20 Data Viewer vs Power BI

08:30 Data Viewer new feature: Maps visualizations

10:00 Upcoming update to the Lightning Conductor: Viva Connections card

12:40 September webinar on SharePoint Lists

14:05 New Lightning Tools team members: Knut Relbe-Moe and Carl Greenhalgh

15:27 CollabDays Bletchley Park on September 27 2023

23:13 Microsoft Ignite registration open

All links below correct and relevant at time of publish, 12/09/2023:

Data Viewer version…

SharePoint Lists webinar registration:…

CollabDays Bletchley Park registration (FREE!):…

Microsoft Ignite:

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