DeliverPoint SPFx – Copy, Transfer, Delete, Grant and Revoke Permissions

In this video, we learn how you can use the operations of Copy Permissions, Transfer Permissions, Delete Permissions, Grant Permissions and Revoke Permissions between accounts and across single objects or large scope of objects such as multiple Site collections.

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Hi there,

I have a question on the copy permissions functionality. In your video you are giving an example of copying the permissions from one user to another. Can the same be done with groups? For example if there a security group named “test” and that security group has permissions to several objects in the SPO site could these permissions be copied to a 365 group for example?


Hi Lily,
Thanks for your question! Yes, DeliverPoint’s Copy permissions feature works for either individual people, or for Groups, as long as the person initiating the action has the SharePoint permission to perform that action, and as long as the options are enabled in DeliverPoint which allow that action to take place.

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