Navigating DeliverPoint

In this video, we learn how to navigate your way around DeliverPoint. We’ll point out the SharePoint permissions reports available within a site, as well as centralised permissions reports.

Contextual Permission Reporting

Contextual Permissions Reporting can be performed from within a SharePoint Site, List or across single or multiple files & folders. If you are a Site Owner, you’ll be able to access some of the many permissions reports using the DeliverPoint menu icon in the top right hand corner of your site. The icon will only display for users with Full Control to the site. List or Library permission reports can be accessed from the Command Bar, and Folder/Item permission reports can be accessed using the elipses on each item.

Navigating DeliverPoint Contextually

Contextual Site Scoped Reports will be available in the top right corner of your SharePoint Site as shown in the below image. The Site Scoped Menu provides the following:

  • DeliverPoint – opens the main DeliverPoint Application defaulting to the current site as the scope for reports and operations
  • Discover Permissions – Runs the Discover Permissions Report for the current site only.
  • Sharing Links – Shows List & Item Sharing Links within the scope of the current site.
  • Permissions Summary – Displays a summary of the current sites permissions including how many sub sites exist with unique permissions, the number of unique files and folders, and the number of Sharing Links.

Contextual List or Library permission options can be found on the command bar within a list or library as shown below. Note, that the options available are:

  • DeliverPoint – Open the main DeliverPoint application with the selected list or library as the scope for the reports and operations.
  • Discover Permissions – Discover who has permissions to the list or library.
  • Sharing Links – Discover the sharing links that exist within the list or library.

By selecting multiple list items, folders, or files, you can click the elipses on any selected item, and then choose one of the three DeliverPoint options below:

  • DeliverPoint – Opens the main DeliverPoint application with the selected items as the scope for any reports or operations.
  • Discover Permissions – Opens the Discover Permissions report for the selected items.
  • Sharing Links – Displays the sharing links for the selected items.

In the next section, we will explore each of these reports and how to use them.

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