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Version6.3.0.0 Previous versions
Date added8th May 2024
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CategoryLightning Conductor
TagsLightning Conductor, SPFx

Lightning Conductor Release Notes (May 2024)


  • Ability to render mobile calendar view for smaller screens (width<=480px) when using calendar json view
  • News JSON views
  • Add copy icon in adaptive card section in adaptive card provider display tab
  • Allow to specify empty value for column of type choice when using inline editing
  • Try to use column index(es) when performing sorting by large list column(s) to avoid list view threshold error

Bug Fix

  • Multichoice field custom format and inline editing issue when choice value(s) contains “, “
  • Note field containing HTML are not rendered correctly in grid view when there is selected managed metadata field in columns tab
  • Rendered data bar must be aligned from top instead of center. (January 2024)


  • Break line on new line symbols when appropriate grid view column multiline mode is enabled

Bug Fix

  • FileRef column content is wrong when there is at least one selected taxonomy column
  • Correct vertical scroll of event page opened in modal dialog from calendar JSON view
  • Built-in Attachments calculated column shows ERROR when rolled up items are coming from sub site.
  • Conflict with other web parts referencing 3.0.2 version of microsoft-graph-client
  • Dynamic sorting (from grid view column header) does not working when using grouping by folders (October 2023)

  • Microsoft Viva Connections Adaptive Card
  • Format fix for Group Headers/Item Count
  • Show item attachments through calculated column
  • Taxonomy Terms Translation for Current Display Language
  • Disable Tool Tips for Grid View Display Providers
  • Decrease possibility of throttling using RateLimit headers

See our blog post and webinar recording for more details! (July 2023)

  • Implement multiple views rollup engine provider
  • Ability to hide views from view picker
  • Item inline editing ability for grid view display provider when using OM rollup engine provider
  • Implement configurable ability of actions for grid view display provider

See our blog post and webinar recording for more details! (June 2023 hotfix via CDN)

  • Fix to hide deprecated terms from Taxonomy (Managed Metadata) term picker (April 2023) (March 2023)

  • Ability to specify height for previewing file when using file viewer JSON view.
  • Ability to specify default view (month, week or day) for JSON calendar view.
  • Change URL of help center command (submenu of Help menu)
  • Ability to preview search configuration
  • Ability to convert configuration using OM rollup engine to equivalent configuration using search rollup engine
  • Implement new rollup engine provider for retrieving data from Microsoft Graph connectors
  • Ability to get adaptive card from graph connector when using adaptive card display provider and graph connectors rollup engine provider
  • Allow to specify hour/minutes in values of datetime column filters when using search rollup engine provider
  • Allow using “Not Contains” comparing operator when filtering text columns for search and graph connectors rollup engine

Lightning Bugs Squashed

  • Item view/edit side panel does not display lookup column values when lookup column is configured to show not Title or ID filed from referenced list
  • Item limit is ignored by search rollup engine when using paging via grid view display provider
  • Impossible to change Comparing operator from Is Null and Is not null to = and <>.
  • Grouping does not work correctly for Japenese language in some cases
  • When user selects Hyperlink from Export Format dropdown, in Exported Excel sheet the items of that column are not displayed as Hyperlink.

Learn more about this release in our blog post and webinar recording!

For versions prior to, please contact (September 2022)

  • Slideshow JSON View
  • FileViewer JSON View for connected Documents & FileViewer [web part connections available only in SharePoint Online]
  • Show Hidden Lists
  • Modern Side Panel for Viewing & Editing Items
  • Inline Getting Started Help
  • Added some predefined calculated column expressions

See our blog post for more details! (April 2022)

  • Handle opening .url files when using Graph rollup engine and the document is coming from OneDrive
  • Tool for migrating LCWP to LC CSWP
  • Adaptive cards display provider
  • Bug Fix: Can’t remove condition row from conditional formatting dialog (containing at least two condition rows) when initially at least condition row filter part is collapsed
  • Support retrieving current user teams and team channels via graph rollup engine
  • Bug Fix: Conditional formatting does not work as expected when referencing not displayed column
  • Bug Fix: Hub site associations are not loading
  • Bug Fix: DateTime built-in format options results for January 1, 1970 for empty dates
  • Bug Fix: OM rollup engine can’t retrieve columns when list contains taxonomy fields in classic pages
  • Make Calendar list hidden column with internal name Workspace available for selection when using OM rollup engine
  • Add Picture formatting option for Thumbnail type columns in OM rollup engine
  • Ability to enable audience targeting for OM/Search rollup engines

CDN Updates to

NOTE: These updates will appear automatically if you have version

  • Mar 4: [SharePoint Online only] Added support for retrieving the current user’s Teams and Teams channels via the Microsoft Graph rollup engine.
  • Feb 11: Added a Picture formatting option for Thumbnail type columns. Added support for Audience Targeting via Enable Audience Targeting and Include Not Targeted Items options on the Lightning Conductor’s Data Source tab.
  • Nov 16: Fixed an issue where conditional formatting did not work as expected when referencing a column not selected for display. Fixed an issue where hub site associated sites were not being retrieved due to a Microsoft change. Fixed an issue where Date formats were displaying a 1970 date if there was no date in the column.
  • July 28: Fixed an issue on classic pages when a list contained a Managed Metadata column. (July 2021)

New features:

  • [SharePoint Online only] Microsoft 365 Group Rollup Engine Provider – Aggregate by selecting Microsoft 365 Groups, and Apps that you want to aggregate from including Posts, Planner, To Do, OneDrive, Sites, Lists, Members, Owners…..   See our blog post detailing this new feature!
  • Microsoft Excel style expressions in JSON view columns (March 2021)

New features:

  • [SharePoint Online only] Added formatting option(s) in grid view for user columns to render using person avatar which expands to a profile card. New user field formats available on the Display tab are: Avatar, Avatar with name, and Avatar linked to user. Note: the Avatar linked to user option is not available for user fields coming from Search or Microsoft Graph. This feature requires acceptance of additional Graph API permissions from the SharePoint Admin Center.
  • [SharePoint Online only] Several new built-in JSON views:
    • Task View to display and manage Planner and To Do tasks from specified Plans or To Do lists
    • Agenda View to display events from Outlook calendars
    • User View to display a list of users as avatars
  • Custom JSON formatting can be added to any column, via the new Custom Formatting option available from the ellipses for each column on the Display tab.
  • Calculated columns can now be filtered/sorted using the content of another column.

See our blog post for screenshots and further details on the most important new features! (December 2020)

New features:

  • We added a Managed Metadata picker in the filter/formatting dialog for columns of Taxonomy type, for conditions = and <>
  • Similarly, we added a People picker in the filter/formatting dialog for columns of User type, for conditions = and <>
  •  Added support for the current web Locale format for numbers (with Currency formatting) and dates
  •  Added an option to the filter connection dialog: Ignore condition when connected value is missing. Tick this box if you want all items to display when the connected filter is empty.
  • Added the ability to export data to Excel
  • Added pagination to the Rollup Source and Columns Source tree views, so that more than 500 Site Collections can be displayed

Lightning Bugs squashed:

  • Fixed a filtering issue in the planner tasks/plans built-in view
  • Fixed the rendering of monthly recurring events in the XSL calendar view
  • Fixed an issue where a deleted occurrence of an all-day recurring event was being displayed in the calendar JSON view
  • Fixed an issue where a data bar was not rendering when using font color formatting
  • Fixed an issue where Rollup Scope filtering (which specifies a limitation on site collection URLs) does not work when the Rollup Scope is Entire Tenant
  • Fixed an issue with sorting when the text contains accent characters

See our blog post for screenshots and further details on each of these updates! (July 2020)

New features:

  • Our built-in calendar view now includes an Open Event in Dialog option to open an event in a pop-up instead of a new tab.
  • You can now format group headers via the Group Header Formatting option in the More (…) menu of any column for which grouping has been enabled. This formatting can be conditional, or not.
  • Create a view with alternate shaded rows! See our blog post for details on using the Is Alternate formatting option.
  • If you’re using our built-in XSL calendar display (rather than the modern JavaScript view), you can now add conditional background colors to events.
  • Added a Batch Size option to set the number of items for the Lightning Conductor to retrieve from a list at one time.
  • Added a more user-friendly message for errors related to configuration imports.

Lightning Bugs squashed:

  • Fixed an issue with previously selected lists being de-selected when reopening the configuration dialog, in certain situations.

See our blog post for screenshots and further details on each of these updates! (June 2020)

New features:

  • Option to open links in the current tab rather than a new tab.
  • Ability to filter on blank values when using the Search rollup engine.
  • When grouping by folders or task hierarchy, we’ve added an option (Hide columns values for groups) to remove values in the group (folder) heading.
  • When using the Lightning Conductor as a Teams tab, we hid the ability to export a configuration file or data, as it did not download as expected.
  • We changed the size and font of the web part title to be similar to that of built-in SharePoint web parts
  • When using the Search rollup engine, you can now use the Value from data source option in the Query Text to connect to Page Environment properties, other Lightning Conductors, or Lightning Filter web parts.
  • When using the Graph rollup engine, you can now add dynamic data connections to any part of constructed Graph queries.
  • Ability to connect parts of a Lightning Conductor calculated column expression to a data source
  • UX improvement: If you have not configured all necessary parts of a rollup, you see an alert icon, and you cannot save the configuration (i.e. you can no longer accidentally save an incomplete configuration).

Lightning Bugs squashed:

  • When using hyperlinks with target=’_blank’, the Lightning Conductor now opens the link in a new tab (April 2020)

New features:

  • Ability to consume data from data sources (via SPFx dynamic data ability)
  • Ability to provide data to data consumers (via SPFx dynamic data ability)
  • Support for opening shortcut hyperlinks (.URL Files)

NOTE: Dynamic data connections are only available for SharePoint Online, not for SharePoint Server. Learn more about this exciting new feature here. (March 2020)

New features:

  • Support for recurring events when using the modern event form
  • Ability to display a custom web part title at the top of the web part, and to display a web part icon.
  • Improved experience for SharePoint 2019 installation:
    • We’ve added an application called LTDeploy, which gives you a UI to select to which Web Applications to deploy the Lightning Conductor, instead of needing to run a PowerShell script.
    • If a Site Assets folder does not yet exist in the root site of the selected Web Application/s, then the LTDeploy tool will create it.

Lightning Bugs squashed:

  • Daylight Savings Time issue with recurring event occurrence URL.
  • Fixed an issue where deleted associated sites caused a problem in the Lightning Conductor.
  • Sometimes item date field values are not correct (are ahead or behind by 1 hour compared to values displayed in SharePoint) when using the Object Model rollup engine provider and there are different DST periods for the current machine time zone and target site time zone.
  • Fixed a conflict when using icon formatting for columns with automatic detection of emails/Urls or with HTML content