WEBINAR Data Viewer: Integrating and Visualizing Data in SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams

Join us for an insightful webinar where we explore the capabilities of the Data Viewer, a robust data integration tool designed for SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams. Discover how Data Viewer seamlessly connects with various line of business (LOB) data sources, including SQL Azure, Excel, OData, and External Data Connectors, to transform how you manage and visualize data within your organization.

What You Will Learn

  • Data Integration Made Simple: Learn how to easily connect Data Viewer with critical data sources such as SQL Azure, Excel, and more, enhancing your productivity and data accessibility in SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams.
  • Advanced Visualization Techniques: Experience how Data Viewer allows you to create dynamic business data views and charts directly within your digital workplace. These visual representations help in making data-driven decisions quickly and efficiently.
  • New Features Spotlight: Get the first look at the latest addition to the Data Viewer—charts via Adaptive Cards for Viva Connections Dashboards. This new feature allows users to generate and share visual data insights effortlessly across teams.

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