Lightning Conductor

Effortlessly create comprehensive reports for your Microsoft 365 content, encompassing SharePoint lists, Microsoft Graph Entities such as Planner Tasks &  OneDrive items, and even aggregate external content from External Graph Connectors like Salesforce or JIRA.  Showcase your content in a centralized report, seamlessly integrated into modern SharePoint or Microsoft Teams tabs.

Core Features


he Lightning Conductor stands as a remarkably robust yet user-friendly content aggregation tool designed for Microsoft SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams. With its intuitive interface, users can effortlessly construct sophisticated, contemporary content reports by drawing from diverse sources such as SharePoint lists, SharePoint Search, Microsoft Graph, External Graph Connectors,  and Microsoft 365 Groups. This versatile tool enables the aggregation of content from an array of origins including lists, libraries, and applications like Planner, To Do, OneDrive, Teams, Salesforce, JIRA and beyond.

SharePoint List Rollup

With the Lightning Conductor, Microsoft SharePoint and Teams users gain the advantage of locating SharePoint list and library content consolidated within a single, centralized report. This not only streamlines their workflow but also saves valuable time, reduces effort, and avoids the duplication of content that cannot be found.

Microsoft Graph Reports

In the expansive realm of Microsoft 365, content finds its home in numerous locations.  Through the utilization of the Microsoft Graph API and The Lightning Conductor, you can build comprehensive reports spanning a wide array of Microsoft 365 apps, including Planner Tasks, OneDrive Items, Messages, User Information, and an assortment of other valuable data.

External Connectors

Harnessing the power of External Graph Connectors, users can seamlessly access data from external sources like Salesforce and JIRA without having to navigate away from the SharePoint and Teams environment. This integration facilitates informed business decisions by providing quick access to pertinent information right within the familiar Microsoft platforms.

Try Out The Lightning Conductor

Try out the Lightning Conductor using the below guided tour. We’ll configure the Lightning Conductor to aggregate Document Libraries, Task Lists, Microsoft Graph Entities such as Microsoft Planner & OneDrive, and Finally configure the Lightning Conductor to connect to External Data such as Jira.


The Lightning Conductor is a powerful, modern, responsive SharePoint Content Aggregator that can be configured quickly and easily by business users. Using the Lightning Conductor you can aggregate content from SharePoint Lists such as Tasks, Document Libraries, Contact Lists, and Custom Lists making it easy to view your content in one place even if it is distributed across many sites and site collections. Key data can be highlighted using conditional formatting and data-bars as shown. Content from Search and Microsoft Graph can also be aggregated with the Lightning Conductor just as easily.


The Lightning Conductor Web Part can be used within Microsoft SharePoint or Microsoft Teams. Even if your content is stored within SharePoint sites, it is very useful to have your aggregated Documents, Tasks, Announcements, Calendars or Custom Lists from multiple sites displayed in a single handy view in Microsoft Teams right where you are working! You can add the Lightning Conductor as a Teams Tab in any of your Microsoft Teams Channels.


The Lightning Conductor can be used (without code) to aggregate content from Microsoft Graph as well as Search and SharePoint Lists. In this example, we are displaying Microsoft Planner Plans and Microsoft Planner Tasks where users can Add new Tasks, Assign Users to Planner Tasks, Delete Tasks, and Complete Tasks. The same can be performed on Microsoft To Do items and displayed within Modern SharePoint pages or Microsoft Teams Tabs. The Lighting Conductor can also contain multiple views of content, making it ideal to display all of your tasks from SharePoint Task lists, Microsoft To Do and Microsoft Planner in a single web part or Teams Tab.

*Microsoft Graph Reports are only available for SharePoint Online and not SharePoint 2019.

Aggregate Microsoft 365 Group Content within SharePoint

Powered by Microsoft Graph, the Microsoft 365 Group Rollup Provider enables users to aggregate content by browsing and selecting Microsoft 365 Groups. Within Microsoft 365 Groups, you’ll be able to select entities such as Drive Items, Owners, Members, Planner Plans, Planner Tasks, Events, Posts,  Sites, Lists, and Calendars.

*Microsoft Graph Reports are only available for SharePoint Online and not SharePoint 2019.

SharePoint List Rollup From Search Results

When performance is critical, you can use search for your rollups! The Lightning Conductor offers three data source configurations to get to your content. Object Model (Real Time Aggregation from SharePoint Lists), Microsoft Graph (Aggregation from Graph Entities such as Planner, OneDrive, Outlook), and Search. The Search Data Source enables you to aggregate content from large SharePoint lists and libraries when performance is critical. Thousands of documents can be displayed in under a second using Search.

External Graph Connector

A Microsoft External Graph Connector enables seamless integration between Microsoft 365 services like SharePoint and Teams, and external data sources such as Salesforce, JIRA, or databases. It allows users to access, and interact with data from these external sources directly within their familiar Microsoft environment, enhancing collaboration and decision-making by bringing relevant external data into the context of their daily workflows.

SharePoint Content Aggregation with No Code Conditional Formatting

We empower end users and Site Owners to highlight the data that is important to them, the data that they need to prioritize! Using conditional formatting, data bars, and icons, you can configure conditions to highlight the data that is most important to you or your team. Icons and Data Bars can be any color or size that you desire. Examples include highlighting High Priority tasks, Showing data bars for the completion progress of Tasks, or indicating which tasks are assigned to you.

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SharePoint SPFx Content Aggregation Web Part With Built In Calendar, Events, and Tile Views

The Lightning Conductor also includes many built in views. As well as using the flexible, responsive and modern Grid View, The Lightning Conductor includes views specifically designed for Events, Microsoft Planner, Microsoft To Do, Document Tile View, Calendar View and much more. You can also create your own custom views using JSON.

Build Adaptive Card Views

The Lightning Conductor allows you to use Adaptive Card views as a way of displaying your aggregated content. Adaptive Card views that are built into the Lightning Conductors quick configuration include Tasks, Events and Picture views.

Microsoft Adaptive Cards in SharePoint

Using the Advanced Configuration, you can generate the Sample Data to use with Microsoft’s Adaptive Card Designer. Then, use the Microsoft Adaptive Card Designer to build your view, and then copy the payload to the Lightning Conductor.

Connect Multiple SharePoint Rollup Web Parts

The Lightning Conductor can consume data connections from other web parts, environment variables such as query string parameters, current user, and page title. The connections can provide a value that can be consumed for filtering content aggregated into your view, applying conditional formatting, or selecting the entire view of content based upon the connected value.

*The Connections are only available for SharePoint Online and not SharePoint 2019.

Building Charts on Aggregated Content

Through web part connections, you can use the Data Viewer SPFx web part to build charts on the content aggregated with the Lightning Conductor. Here is an example of building charts based upon aggregated Task lists. You could also build charts on content aggregated through Microsoft Graph on entities such as Planner Tasks and display the dashboard within SharePoint or Teams. The Data Viewer is available as an addon purchase.

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