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SharePoint Code Quality and Best Practice – Rencore Certification

The Rencore Development Best Practice Certification enables companies that build solutions, product, and add-ins around SharePoint to check if they pass Rencore’s rigorous tests and audits to sport their program’s seal of quality. With this seal, Rencore approve highest security, sustainability, and effectiveness of the very product. Tested against their ISO 25010-based SharePoint specific metrics, Rencore’s clients will be constantly reassessing their product quality to ensure they stay up to date with latest best practice.


Rencore’s SPCAF Tool

SPCAF’s Quality Assurance checks Farm & Sandboxed Solutions and Add-ins, SharePoint Framework components, Javascript and PowerShell files for code quality violations and compliance to your companies customization policy with over 1000 rules in different categories, like

  • Correctness
  • Security
  • Supportability
  • Design
  • Deployment
  • Best Practices
  • Naming
  • Memory Disposal
  • Localization


Case Study: A Rencore and Lightning Tools Success Story

Rencore have written a case study about Lightning Tools implementation of the SPCAF code analysis product and the certification journey. It highlights how we have cut overall development time, technical support cases, Quality Assurance costs and how we can give our customers confidence in the quality and security of our code.

Read the case study [ here ].

SharePoint Code Quality and Best Practice - Rencore Certification

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