DeliverPoint Webinar – SharePoint Permission Management Tool

Do you have challenges with SharePoint Permissions? Here the top ten challenges with SharePoint Permissions and how DeliverPoint can resolve them. See it in action with this webinar recording:

  1. SharePoint Permissions are difficult to manage since you can only report on one file or folder at a time.
  2. Sharing Links are difficult to manage because you can’t easily find everything that has been shared, with who, and who by.
  3. Active Directory Security Groups are not enumerated when viewing SharePoint Permissions, so you don’t truly know who is permissioned.
  4. Direct permissions don’t show up in the modern permissions side panel and can easily be overlooked.
  5. There is no easy way to Copy permissions to new employees from existing employees or templates.
  6. When someone leaves the organization, you cannot find all the places that they were permissioned.
  7. OneDrive Permissions remain after an employee leaves.
  8. Microsoft Teams permissions are also reported team at a time and file at a time.
  9. SharePoint Permission reports cannot be scheduled
  10. SharePoint Permission snapshots cannot be taken and restored when needed.

DeliverPoint for SharePoint Online resolves all of these problems. Find out how in this webinar recording by Brett Lonsdale (Microsoft 365 Apps and Services MVP and Founder of Lightning Tools).

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