Webinar – Building Forms in SharePoint

14th December 2023

Within this Lightning Tools Webinar, we presented multiple products including:

  • Lightning Forms
  • Document Generator
  • Kudzu Form Migrator
  • Lightning List Actions

Lightning Forms is a powerful form design tool for SharePoint Online or SharePoint On-Premises that enables you to contextually design and create forms such as Expense Claim Forms, Purchase Order Forms, Employee Onboarding Forms etc. Lightning Forms empowers Site Owners to easily layout their forms into multiple columns, add tabs, drag and drop fields into the appropriate location, add styling, create calculations, add validation, embed sublists, and add action buttons.

Document Generator can be used with Lightning List Actions or Lightning Forms. If you struggle to create great looking printouts of your forms, or share your forms with customers or suppliers, then take a look at the Lightning Tools Document Generator. You can easily take a SharePoint list item and generate a new Word document that can be shared, stored, or printed.

Kudzu Form Generator can be used to migrate existing forms such as InfoPath, PDF, or Word forms and generate Lightning Forms powered SharePoint list based forms. You can even use Kudzu through its AI engine to create forms from a sentence! “Create me a purchase order form that includes a lookup to a list of products”.

Lightning List Actions is a powerful action builder for SharePoint lists. Create a series of conditional actions such as Send Email, Update field values, move documents etc. List Actions is ideal for Approval flows and much more and can be added to any SharePoint list.

New Announcements:

In this webinar, we have some exciting new announcements around Lightning Forms & Content Types support, a brand new Actions based web part, and Document Generator improvements.


Brett Lonsdale is the CEO of Lightning Tools, a company he co-founded. He is also recognized as a Microsoft 365 Apps and Services MVP. Brett’s extensive experience and contributions in the field of Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 demonstrate his expertise and dedication to helping organizations leverage these technologies effectively for improved collaboration and digital transformation.

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