Modern SharePoint Web Parts: Button and Call to Action

Applies to: SharePoint Online

You’ve created a lovely, vibrant SharePoint page using the attractive web parts available to you now. But you don’t want people to just look at the page… you want them to do something, take the next step. That’s where the Button and Call to Action web parts come in! In this quick post in our Modern SharePoint Web Parts series, we’ll take a look at these recent additions to your web part toolbox, and see when and how you might use them.


Button web part

This web part allows you to add a button with a custom label, which takes people to another page, either internal or external. The only configuration option besides the label is the alignment of the button within the page section where you’ve placed it. The button color will be the accent color of the current theme.


Since all you get with this web part is a single button, you may wish to add context by placing it just below another web part which contains more information or an image. In the example below, we’ve added a Button web part centered just below a Text web part. We’ve tied them together visually by putting them in their own page section, and shading that section.


Another possibility is to place a Button web part in a vertical section, as that’s often a good place for people to see action items which don’t take much space.


Call to Action web part

Similar to a Button, the Call to Action (CTA) web part allows you to highlight something you wish the viewer of your page to do. The differences between the CTA web part and the Button web part are that you can add a background image, and a Call to Action text, which help give more context.


Note that the configuration pane only allows you to select the background image, which Microsoft suggests should be 1204 pixels, and add a button label and link as with the Button web part. The actual CTA text is entered within the web part itself, where you’ll see Add your call to action text here


The CTA text will not wrap to a second line, so you have a fairly limited space for explanation. But the result is a nice callout on your page:


NOTE: Both of these web parts are only available in SharePoint Online



Your SharePoint pages serve several purposes… They can inform people, with web parts such as News and Image. But they can also prompt people to explore further, learn more, or navigate through a journey. The Button web part and Call to Action web parts can help you meet that goal.

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