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Managing & Reporting Permissions is often a tedious task, especially if IT is not your day job!

As a Team Owner, a SharePoint Site Owner, or as the owner of your OneDrive folders and files, you have a responsibility to not just share files and folders with other people, but to also ensure that users’ permissions are removed when they are no longer required. Luckily, DeliverPoint makes this simple! Using DeliverPoint, you can contextually report and manage permissions within your SharePoint Sites, within your Microsoft Teams, and against your own OneDrive. The same product can be used by SharePoint Administrators and Tenant Administrators to report and manage permissions centrally. You can learn more about DeliverPoint here:

What is new in this release?

In this release of DeliverPoint, we have the following improvements and features:

  • Avatars and People Cards within Permission Reports
  • Manage the Removal of Sharing Links and Direct Permissions in OneDrive
  • Improved Large Library Performance
  • Report Progress Information
  • Support for German, Dutch, Spanish, and French
  • SharePoint 2019 support for Modern Lists and Libraries

Avatars and People Cards within SharePoint Permission Reports

Within the DeliverPoint permission reports, it was often difficult to determine who some of the users were just by name. It is possible that you had multiple users with the same first name and last name which caused confusion manipulating permissions. With the Avatars displayed for each user, it is now clearer who each user is. Upon hovering over a user, the people card will display enabling you to communicate with the user through email or chat. The people card can also be extended to see who the user reports to, and what they are working on.

Manage the Removal of Sharing Links and Direct Permissions in OneDrive

It is quite common to share files or folders from your OneDrive with internal and external users. Often we share the permissions, but don’t think to remove them again. Within DeliverPoint, you can report across your own OneDrive to determine which files or folders have been shared with other people. Now, you can remove those Sharing Links or Permissions as well as report on them. As a Tenant Administrator, you can also report on the Sharing Links or Permissions for other users. Reporting on permissions for other users is useful if that user is retiring from their role within the organization.

Improved Large Library Performance

We became aware of some performance issues when some Document Libraries contained exceptionally large folders. We’ve improved the logic of DeliverPoint to ensure that the reports execute quickly and without issue.

Report Progress Information

In the previous version of DeliverPoint, we displayed the “spinny” when large reports were running. However, this didn’t provide confidence if the report was taking a long time. It was hard to determine if the report had hung, or if it was still busy. Now, you can see the progress of how many items have been processed during the report creation.

Support for German, Dutch, Spanish, and French

DeliverPoint for SharePoint Online was previously only available in the English language. We have now translated the resource files into German, Spanish, French and Dutch.

SharePoint 2019 support for Modern Lists and Libraries

DeliverPoint is available as a Full Trust WSP for SharePoint On-Premises. Unlike our other products, the SPFx version of DeliverPoint only supports SharePoint Online due to its extensive use of the Microsoft Graph which isn’t present in SharePoint On-Premises. However, in SharePoint 2019, some of the Lists and Libraries are available in the Modern experience. So the WSP for SharePoint 2019, now also ships with an SPFx package to create the List and Library command buttons and Links allowing for contextual permissions reporting from within the Modern experience and the Classic experience of Lists and Libraries.

Learn more in our Lightning Tools Chat

Catch Brett & Sandy in the Lightning Tools Chat to see DeliverPoint in action, and to get insights into why some of these features were developed.

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