Generate Documents from SharePoint List Items

Generate Documents from SharePoint List Items

With the growing need to enhance business forms beyond what SharePoint provides by default, you can take advantage of the brilliant customization features of Lightning Forms.

As you modify your forms to your desired specifications, you may want to create documents from your SharePoint list items that you can share internally or with your customers. Lightning Forms has a premium Document Generator add-on which allows users to generate documents from the SharePoint list items. These documents can be saved as DOCX or PDF, stored in a document library, and shared.

How to create a document with Document Generator

The first thing you would need to do is create a Microsoft Word template document. The Document Generator will use this template to reference the fields within the SharePoint list item. Double squared brackets are used to reference the internal names of the SharePoint columns, and the term “loop” is used to loop through each item within a sublist on a SharePoint form.

Customized Expense Reporting Form
Word Document Template with placeholders for SharePoint Column Names

As noted in the two images above, the internal names of the SharePoint list columns are typed in double squared brackets, and the “loop” term is used to ensure that each item in the sublist is looped through.

With the template document created, the next thing would be to create an action button on the command bar to call on the Document Generator premium action. You can upload your template document, select the list and fill in the file name.

Action Builder for Lightning Forms showing the Generate Document Action and reference the template for the current item based upon the ID column.

After saving the action builder, open the form, click the action button you created, and the document will be generated as configured. It’s that simple! 

Expense report created from within the SharePoint list form

You can also apply the Document Generator to Lightning List Actions, another product from Lightning Tools which allows users to perform a series of actions against entire lists or selected list items. You can use Lightning List Actions in conjunction with Lightning Forms or use it independently.  

Creating an Action Button with Lightning List Actions or Lightning Forms

The action builders for Lightning List Actions and Lightning Forms share an identical user interface, so it is easy to replicate the steps we have shown for Lightning Forms. With Lightning List Actions, you can also upload your template document, create your action button, and generate your documents.  

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