Forms Designer Suite – New Release

This month, we are releasing a new version of Lightning Forms, Lightning List Actions, and the Lightning Tools Document Generator.

This month, we are releasing a new version of Lightning Forms, Lightning List Actions, and the Lightning Tools Document Generator. Lightning Forms and Lightning List Actions are available independently of each other, whereas the Document Generator requires Lightning Forms or Lightning List Actions. The Forms Designer Suite is a bundle of all three products and offers the best value.

Lightning Forms is a powerful SharePoint List form designer that enables you to build custom forms that apply styling, improved layout, and business logic whilst still retaining the modern, responsive experience of Microsoft SharePoint.

Lightning Forms – Contextually Designing an Expense Report form using Lightning Forms

Lightning List Actions enables you to build custom action command bar buttons within SharePoint lists and libraries. No code is required to create a series of actions such as Approval buttons, Document Generation (using Document Generator) and much more.

Approve & Generate Document buttons created with Lightning List Actions

Document Generator enables you to generate a Microsoft Word document from a SharePoint list item within Lightning Forms, or multiple Microsoft Word documents from multiple SharePoint list items selected within a SharePoint list view. The Microsoft Word document can then be saved, printed, converted to PDF or Shared within internal or external accounts.

Using the Action Builder to create a document using a SharePoint list item

New in Lightning Forms & Lightning List Actions

Lightning Forms has an improved Form Customization Dialog making it more intuitive to customize SharePoint list forms such as NewForm.aspx, EditForm.aspx, and DisplayForm.aspx. You can now keep track of your customized forms more easily. There is a brand new action for Sending Email, and a brand new Copy Document Action. The new Send Email Action includes:

  1. Send emails to any address (using Microsoft Graph API and your mailbox)
  2. A Rich Text editor for your Email body
  3. Include Attachments within your email
  4. Define fallback address if the email in the To or CC fields is invalid
  5. Edit email panel prior to sending
  6. See the email within your sent items
New Send Email Action showing Rich Text Editor, Fallback Email, and Show before send option

The new Copy Document Action enables you to work with Documents within a specific document library, and copy the document to an alternate document library in either the same or different sites. This action is a powerful addition and can help create records of documents or move documents from a working library to a customer (external) facing library where permissions differ.

New Copy Document Action to copy a document between different document libraries in the same or different sites.

As with all of our products, Lightning Forms will also receive in context help in the form of a Getting Started Guide displayed within the product. The getting started guide will guide you through each of the different Lightning Forms features enabling you to understand the product and begin building powerful forms faster.

New in Document Generator

Using the Document Generator, you can design a document within Word that referenced the columns within your SharePoint list items. A button can then be created within your form, or list that generates a Microsoft Word document.

Microsoft Word Document Template

We have improved the Document Generator Action to allow you to browse templates rather than re-upload them each time you make a change.

New Select existing template option within the Document Generator

On Thursday 26th May, we will be demonstrating all of these products as part of our Forms Designer Suite webinar. Register today to watch live or receive notification of the recording:

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