Lightning Tools renews sponsorship for the Ambassador Kids Programme 2023

Lightning Tools has renewed it’s sponsorship of the National Museum of Computing (TNMOC) Ambassador Kids programme for 2023! The Ambassador Kids programme supports younger generations technology education through activities such as Microsoft MakeCode sessions, Rasberry Pi coding, Sphero STEM Kits & Robotics, BBC Microsoft:bit coding, Virtual Reality, 3D printing, and Minecraft education activities by Microsoft.

Volunteers at the museum, as well as technology experts from outside of the museum, invest their time in bi-weekly weekend technology days for children.

The Ambassador Kids programme will also utilise the museum’s vast network of sponsors and supporters, with guest mentoring sessions. The programme is completely free, open to all children aged 10 upwards and can be booked through the museum’s Eventbrite portal.

Jacqui Garrad, Museum Director at TNMOC, commented: “Thanks to sponsorship from Lightning Tools, a global provider of Microsoft SharePoint tools & web services, the museum has been able to provide the programme for free. The team at Lightning Tools aligned closely with the museum’s mission to inspire, educate and engage as many children as possible and will be offering tools and mentors, as well as the free spots, for the programme.”

Brett Lonsdale, Co-founder of Lightning Tools, commented: “Since engaging with the museum on its autism in the workplace programme, we’ve had a strong commitment to helping the museum achieve its mission. Now, more than ever, kids need a strong foundation to explore technology later in life – and this programme will do just that, in a fun and approachable way. If you look at how technology is moving, it’s always going to require people to write code and we’ll need a generation of aspiring coders to do that.”

“I’m also excited to participate in the programme myself as a mentor and give kids their first taste of tech. It’s really the perfect opportunity to help kids get the most out of it by playing, experimenting and experiencing technology hands-on.”

TNMOC’s Ambassador Kids programme would not be possible without continued support from Sophos, Issured, Pi Hut, Chillblast, Microsoft, Go Deply, Sphero and Agilitas.

Jacqui Garrad, Museum Director at TNMOC, commented: “You’ve seen it in the news, kids are less engaged in technology than ever before – from GCSE to A-levels – while the world is only becoming more digital. This is why now seemed the right time to launch our Ambassador Kids programme. At TNMOC, we are committed to fulfilling our mission to inspire, educate, and engage the next generation of technologists and this programme is another step in fulfilling that.”

Through the CollabDays events, Lightning Tools has also supported the museum by hosting the event at the museum itself. Find out more below:

About The National Museum of Computing

The National Museum of Computing brings to life the history and ongoing development of computing for the enjoyment and benefit of the general public and specialists. The Museum combines a distinctive approach to engagement with an emphasis on British computing heritage and on-going innovation. TNMOC acquires, conserves, restores and rebuilds historic computing machinery. Our approach is furthered through a process of engagement, with the display and demonstration of historical systems. The Museum runs a highly successful learning programme for schools and colleges and introduces computer coding to young people to help inspire the next generation of computer scientists and engineers. The Museum also runs a popular, on-going programme of festivals, lectures and interpreted displays and interactive events.

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