Managing Permissions in Modern SharePoint

Managing Permissions in Modern SharePoint Sites is still challenging for business users and also tenant administrators. That’s why Lightning Tools is getting very close to releasing a brand new version of DeliverPoint which helps users such as Site Owners, Site Collection Administrators and Tenant Administrators get a better grip on their SharePoint Permissions.

DeliverPoint uses SPFx extensions in order to provide contextual reports within a SharePoint Site. That means that you can access our permission reports while you are within the Site, List or Library with just a single click. Within a few seconds, you’ll see a list of every single user who has permissions to your content, and also have the ability to manage the permissions in bulk. e.g. Copy, Transfer, or Delete the permissions that are no longer relevant due to users leaving or changing roles witihn the organization.


Accessing Permission Reports Contextually from a site.


Accessing Permission Reports Contextually within a List or Library

Managing Permissions in Modern SharePoint can also be carried out centrally, which is ideal for SharePoint Tenant Administrators. Tenant Administrators can add the DeliverPoint Client Side Web Part to any page within SharePoint, and have access to all Sites and Site Collections. The treeview and reports are all security trimmed, which makes it useful for Site Owners and Site Collection Administrators to access reports centrally too, without gaining access to Sites that they should not have access to.


Managing Permissions in Modern SharePoint Sites Centrally

The reports and operations within DeliverPoint make it really easy for even non techies to be managing permissions in modern SharePoint sites. Users can discover exactly who has permissions to their content, as well as performing operations on the permissions such as permission removal. These operations can be reversed using the rollback operation if required.


Contextually Displaying the Permissions Reports within DeliverPoint.

Microsoft Teams can also be challenging to manage, which is why DeliverPoint also enumerates Microsoft Teams and allows for permissions to be centrally managed for your Microsoft Teams teams too.


Producing Microsoft Teams Permission Reports

To learn more about DeliverPoint, watch the video below:

Sign up to be a beta tester here:

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