Microsoft Teams Dark Theme Support

This month we’ve been busy working on our support for Microsoft Teams through our SharePoint Framework SPFx client side web parts. Social Squared, Lightning Conductor, DeliverPoint and the Data Viewer have been available to add to Microsoft Teams for a while now and can offer the following benefits to your organization:

  • Social Squared – Bring Discussion Forums to Teams Tabs or Personal Apps
  • Lightning Conductor – Aggregate content from SharePoint Lists, Search Results or Graph Entities within Teams Tabs
  • DeliverPoint – Manage & Report on Permissions from SharePoint Sites and Microsoft Teams Channels
  • Data Viewer – Build Data Visualization on SharePoint Lists and External Data Sources

One of the things on our ToDo list was to allow full support for Microsoft Teams themes such as Default Theme, Dark Theme and High Contrast Theme. Users of Microsoft Teams can set their desired theme by clicking in their profile picture in the top right hand corner of Microsoft Teams and choosing Settings.

Changing the Microsoft Teams Theme

Social Squared

Social Squared is our Discussion Forum tool for Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Teams. We thought it was sometimes a little off that we were detecting the Theme colour within the underlying SharePoint site and applying that to Social Squared in Microsoft Teams. It looked good in some of the SharePoint theme colours but not others. You’ll find now that the default theme for Social Squared very much reflects the standard Microsoft Teams theme colour.

Social Squared in Default Theme

If you apply the Dark Theme aka Dark Mode, you’ll find a completely different look and feel. We’ll be honest, you would not have enjoyed the bright pink SharePoint theme showing up in Microsoft Teams when using Dark Mode! You’ll find now that Social Squared blends well with the Dark Theme.

Social Squared in Dark Theme

If you apply High Contrast Theme in Microsoft Teams, you’ll find that Social Squared picks up this theme as well.

You can download Social Squared either from AppSource or from the Lightning Tools web site.

Lightning Conductor

The Lightning Conductor is a content aggregation tool that enables you to build powerful reports on SharePoint list content across site collections, Hub Sites and Associated Sites. You can also aggregate content from Search as well as Microsoft Graph such as Planner Tasks, OneDrive items, and Messages. Conditional Formatting, Grouping, Aggregate Functions, and Custom Views such as Calendars can be created easily. The Lightning Conductor brings that benefit to Microsoft Teams allowing for SharePoint or other content to be displayed right where you are collaborating in Teams! Now you can do all of that in Dark Mode!

Lightning Conductor in Dark Theme

You can download the Lightning Conductor either from AppSource or from the Lightning Tools web site.


DeliverPoint is a SharePoint Permissions Management Tool that can be used to report on SharePoint permissions and allow for the bulk management of permissions for situations such as a user leaving the organization. DeliverPoint is available for Microsoft Teams through Teams Tabs or Personal Apps and allows for permission reporting across Microsoft Teams Channels as well as SharePoint. Below, you can see DeliverPoint now available through the Dark Theme.

DeliverPoint Permissions Management in Dark Theme

You can download DeliverPoint from AppSource or the Lightning Tools web site.

Data Viewer

The Data Viewer enables you to build data visualizations on SharePoint Lists and other content such as Excel workbooks, SQL Azure databases, OData services and more. Grid Views with column selection, custom columns, calculated columns, formatting, conditional formatting and charts can be configured within SharePoint or Microsoft Teams tabs. Below, you can see the Data Viewer configuration in Microsoft Teams Dark Mode.

Data Viewer in Dark Theme

Download the Data Viewer from AppSource or from our Lightning Tools web site.

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