Query Microsoft Graph with the Lightning Conductor

The Lightning Conductor has traditionally been known as a cross site collection list rollup tool, that can be easily configured to include powerful views with styling and conditional formatting to highlight key content.

Within this release ( of the Client Side Web Part version, we now support Microsoft Graph as a rollup provider alongside the existing Client Side Object Model or Search Rollup Providers. This change means that we are not limited to aggregating lists alone, but can also aggregate content from elsewhere within Microsoft Office 365 including OneDrive, Planner, Yammer, Teams, and more.  SharePoint is not the only client option now either. You can take the Lightning Conductor SPFx Client Side Web Part and deploy it to Microsoft Teams.

Using the Microsoft Graph Rollup Provider to Aggregate Content

To get started aggregating content from Office 365 using Microsoft Graph, follow these steps:

1. Click configure within the Lightning Conductor using either Microsoft SharePoint Online Client Side Web Part or Microsoft Teams.

2. Click Advanced Mode if you would like to select the type of entity to work with.

3. Choose Microsoft Graph Rollup Engine Provider


4. On the Data Source Tab, select the type of Entity that you wish to query. Examples include: User, Group, Contact, Drive, Drive Item, Calendar, Event, Message, Planner Plan, Planner Task, Site, Content Type, Column etc.


5. Construct a Graph Query. You don’t need to be an expert in Graph here, since we have a number of predefined queries that you can simply select from.


6. Select the columns from the entity that you wish to display. For example: Title, Start Date Time, and Due Date Time from Planner Items.


7. Apply any conditional formatting to your view to highlight important tasks such as those overdue.


8. Click Save!


Adding the Lightning Conductor to Microsoft Teams

Just like the Data Viewer Client Side Web Part within this post, the Lightning Conductor can also be added to Microsoft Teams as well as SharePoint Online.

When the Lightning Conductor SPFx Client Side Web Part package is within the SharePoint App Catalog, you will be able to click “Sync to Teams”


The Lightning Conductor can then be deployed to Microsoft Teams Tabs as well as Microsoft SharePoint Online pages.


If you would like a demonstration of the Lightning Conductor Client Side Web Part, please email sales@lightningtools.com. Or alternatively, you can download a trial from: https://lightningtools.com/product/lightning-conductor-client-side-web-part

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