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Unlock the Power of Communication with Social Squared: Transform Your Business with Integrated Discussion Forums

Within organizations today, with people working remotely and across the world, effective communication is essential for success. As our organizations grow, information silos and fragmented communication can become significant hurdles, leading to inefficiencies and missed opportunities. Fortunately, tools like Social Squared by Lightning Tools, integrated within Microsoft SharePoint, Viva Connections, and Microsoft Teams, offer a perfect solution to these challenges. Let’s explore how Social Squared can improve our business communication and information sharing.

Overcoming Information Silos

One of the most challenging issues in large organizations is the presence of information silos. Different departments or teams often operate in isolation, making it difficult for employees to access the information they need. Often, questions are asked over the phone, through email, or instant messaging tools where nobody else benefits from knowing the answer. Social Squared changes this by providing a centralized discussion forum that is accessible within those departments or across the entire organization. Forums are structured into forum groups and forums, allowing employees to ask questions, share insights, and access a wealth of knowledge. This structure ensures that valuable information is easily navigated based on the type of discussion, making it easier to focus on the areas of business discussion that are of interest to you.

Screenshot of Social Squared Discussion Forums showing the categorization of discussion types.

The Power of Persistent Q&A

How often have we seen valuable knowledge get buried in email threads or lost in transient chat messages? Social Squared ensures that important questions and answers are not just available for the moment, but for months and years to come. The structured forum format means that once a question is asked and answered, it remains accessible and searchable. This persistent knowledge base can dramatically reduce the time employees spend searching for information, leading to increased productivity and efficiency.

Show Answered feature so the verified answers to a question can be displayed

Structured for Success

Navigation and organization are key to the success of any communication tool. Social Squared’s forum structure allows topics to be categorized and tagged, making it easy for users to find relevant discussions. Whether it’s a product development query, an HR policy question, or a technical support issue, employees can quickly locate the information they need without wading through unrelated content. This intuitive structure not only improves user experience but also ensures that knowledge is organized in a meaningful way.

Robust Moderation and Security

Maintaining the quality and relevance of discussions is crucial. Social Squared offers moderation at the forum level, allowing designated moderators to oversee discussions, manage content, and ensure that conversations remain productive and on-topic. This level of control helps maintain a professional and valuable knowledge base.

Integration with Microsoft 365 also brings significant security and ease-of-deployment benefits. Social Squared leverages Microsoft’s robust security infrastructure, ensuring that your data is protected. Moreover, seamless integration with SharePoint, Viva Connections, and Teams means that deploying and using Social Squared is straightforward and hassle-free, leveraging the tools your team is already familiar with.

Join Us to Learn More

Are you ready to learn more? Join our upcoming webinar on July 18th to learn more about how Social Squared can benefit your organization. Our founder and Microsoft 365 MVP (Brett Lonsdale) will showcase features, and answer your questions live.

Can’t wait for the webinar? Download a free trial of Social Squared today and start experiencing the benefits for yourself. Together, let’s build a more connected and informed workplace.

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