Honaco client uses DeliverPoint to view and remove user access

Honaco Informationstechnologie GmbH & Co. KG is an IT consultancy based in Munich, Germany. They specialize in SharePoint services and products, and they have been recommending Lightning Tools DeliverPoint to their clients to help manage and report on permissions. Here is the story of one of those clients…


The Problem

With dozens of user-managed sites and libraries in our SharePoint 2013 environment, getting an overview of an employee’s access permissions was nearly impossible to us even in high-risk situations. With the many sites and multiple ways that an employee can gain access to a site or library, removing permissions was always a hassle. Whenever an employee left the organization, there was no good way to remove their access to sensitive information before their account was disabled. We used to have to tell HR that there is no way for us to quickly find and revoke all the permissions of an employee.

The effort of browsing through our hundreds of sites and libraries in order to find access permissions was always disproportionate to the security risk, so the risk was usually taken in order to save time.


The Solution

DeliverPoint helped to easily and quickly gain an overview of the access permissions that a user or group has on our SharePoint, as well as revoke or duplicate them with only a few clicks.


Lightning Tools DeliverPoint allows us to get overview reports and make sweeping changes easily and quickly, helping us avoid risks instead of avoiding effort.



Return on investment

We are saving a lot of time granting and changing permissions and allowing for sweeping changes to our structure where the implementation is now usually much less costly than the planning. Additionally, we can now afford to close security risks that could cost disproportionate amounts of money if exploited.

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