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Version4.1.0.0 Previous versions
Date added19th December 2022
Downloaded2108 times
TagsDeliverPoint, SPFx

DeliverPoint Release Notes (December 2022)

  • Include report generation settings and scope in exported excel report
  • Option to show folder hierarchy in generated sharing links report
  • Option to send email notifications about granted permissions during execution of grant permissions operation (requires approval of the Mail.Send Microsoft Graph API permission)
  • Implement another view in discover permissions report, that will show permissions by groups
  • Use people picker when providing user related filter values in advanced discover permissions/sharing links report initiation page
  • Ability to modify sharing link expiration date from sharing links report
  • Allow to specify settings/pre filter when scheduling reports

See more details in our blog post! Rev2 (December 2022)

  • Fixed an issue with the SharePoint Online Dedicated build (for GCC/Dedicated tenants) Rev1 (September 2022)

New updates to the Scheduled Reports feature:

  • Added scheduling of Unique Permissions report
  • Added the ability to schedule reports at any scope
  • Updated the UI to allow automatic creation of a report repository library (DPEntScheduledJobReports) if none is specified (August 2022)

New features and updates:

  • Show sharing link expiration in sharing links report
  • Show external users in italic font in reports
  • Ability to schedule unique permissions report (requires additional configuration)
  • Make DP list/item commands available inside page libraries (i.e. lists of type wiki page library)
  • Populate target user when running unique permissions report from other reports by selecting row containing user
  • In-context help changes
  • Track last run time of reports from templates
  • Add help command in command bar
  • Ability to refresh/regenerate generated report
  • Allow users to select filter value for shared on field in sharing links report using date picker instead of text box
  • Allow users to select sharing type filter value from possible values drop down in advanced sharing links report initiation page
  • Keep selected tree view root nodes (user in account centric view or site collection in other views) even if they don’t satisfy the current search text
  • Owned site collections report
  • Discover Usage Report

Bug fixes

  • For dark themes free value drop down controls have white background
  • Preservation Hold Library causes reports/operations to fail partly
  • Unable to pre filter sharing links report via user who created the sharing link (shared by)
  • In sharing links report not all members (i.e. invited users) are shown for appropriate sharing link.

See more details in our blog post! (March 2022)

New features:

  • Permissions Summary Reporting
  • Ability to choose source of scope selection (tree view or selected rows inside current opened page).
  • Ability to open pages (report generations, running operations, jobs, report schedules etc.) in multiple tabs inside DeliverPoint
  • Ability to add have current site/current site collection and current user in scopes of report templates.
  • Ability to clone report template
  • Make report templates editable
  • Handle list sharing links

See more details in our blog post! (September 2021)

New features:

  • Report templates
  • German translation fixes
  • Collision with products using MGT components in the same page
  • Add disabled users in dead accounts report.
  • Make allow job rollback checked by default via PowerShell command.
  • Ability to grant permissions to external users not existing in current site
  • As an admin, I want to be able to remove the “Modify M365 Groups” option
  • Specify frequency for scheduled report (for enterprise version)

See more details in our blog post! (MAY 2021)

New features:

  • Avatars and People Cards within Reports. NOTE: Additional Graph API requests must be approved for the profile card feature: Files.Read.All, Presence.Read.All, User.Read.All, People.Read.All
  • Improved performance within Library and Folder Permission Reporting
  • Improved report and operation progress display
  • Added a structured view of folders and files in Discover Permissions reports (select the Show Item Hierarchy option in the Discover Permissions Advanced report)
  • OneDrive permissions management (added the ability to remove sharing links and permissions)
  • Multiple Languages – German, Dutch, Spanish, French, English
  • Added a description column on the Jobs page containing a brief description of the job
  • Optional ability to show the Actions menu only for current site collection administrators, using the following PowerShell command:

Set-SPOStorageEntity -Site APPCATALOGURL -Key “_lt_deliverPointCommonOptions” -Value “2” -Comments “Some Comment” -Description “Some Description”

Lightning Bugs squashed:

  • Take into account specified filters (including pre-filter) when exporting a generated report
  • Fixed a List view threshold error occurring during report generation or operation execution when the report scope is a folder in a large list and it is necessary to process sub-items

See more details in our blog post! (Feb 2021)

New features:

  • Implement copy object permissions operation
  • Ability to specify AD groups to ignore in discover permissions report via tenant properties
  • Implement OneDrive permissions report
  • Implement OneDrive Sharing Links report

Lightning Bugs squashed:

  • Change web part colors inside teams in dark/contrast mode
  • Fix problems when opening web part in teams mobile app

See more details in our blog post!