Applying a License Key to Lightning Forms SPFx

In this video, we will look at how to extend your trial license key or apply a purchased license key to Lightning Forms SPFx.

Steps for applying a license key

If you ticked the box to add Lightning Forms to all sites when you installed it, you should now see Lightning Forms in the Command Bar of any SharePoint list or library. If you had not added Lightning Forms to all sites during installation, you will need to click Add an App from the Settings menu of each SharePoint site where you wish to use Lightning Forms. Add the Lightning Forms app, and then continue as below.

1. Navigate to a list in your SharePoint environment.

2. On the List Command Bar, select Lightning Forms.

3. On the dialog window, click Open license panel in the lower right.

4. Enter the License key that you were provided when you purchased. If you purchased the Document Generator premium action, also enter that key. [If you did not purchase Document Generator, you will have a trial of it for 30 days, and then that part will expire.]

5. You can leave the Organization, Email, and User Name as they are, or fill in whatever you wish. These fields are just for reference, so you may wish to enter the name and email of someone in your organization who will be supporting Lightning Forms.

6. Click Activate.

If you have any issues, need to obtain a trial extension, or want to purchase a license key, please contact

Updated Sept 1, 2023

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