Can You Migrate Legacy InfoPath Forms To Modern SharePoint?

Introducing the Kudzu form migrator and how it complements lightning forms

For more than a decade, many businesses have used InfoPath as their go to platform for writing forms, things are set to change though, because InfoPath is being laid to rest by 2026. We are therefore pleased to announce our new Technology Partner, Kudzu Software! Kudzu’s Form Migration tool can be partnered with our online version of Lightning Forms to re-write legacy forms to digital versions in Modern SharePoint.

Regardless of size, we’d wager a bet that every business has one or more forms saved within it’s system. It’s also highly likely that these forms have been designed on different platforms over a number of years, by various members of current and ex-staff, and they may not be compatible with Microsoft 365. So what are the current options for a business considering their predicament?

  1. Carry on as they are with laborious work arounds, sometimes manually printing forms / filling in by hand / scanning, then e-mailing back. Many choose this option but there is a labour cost every time.
  2. Nominate employee(s) to re-design the forms in Modern SharePoint, with updates to cell values as required. This option will be fine for the smaller company, but what about an enterprise sized company that may have thousands of forms?
  3. Utilise Kudzu and Lightning Forms to scan legacy forms, edit their content midway and migrate the finished article to SharePoint online!


Kudzu can read the following aspects of the legacy form with no coding / manual labour required:

  1. Layout
  2. Style
  3. Elements
  4. Schema
  5. Rules
  6. Images
  7. Data

Beyond this, the Kudzu technology can also spot repetition of cells in case the same question is being asked twice on a form. It can also recognise form repetition within an organisation. This is more common than might be expected, if a member of staff needs a form but cannot find it, chances are they will create a new one.

Once the form has been read by Kudzu’s Form Migrator, the Uniform Connecter links to the chosen writer, in this case, Lightning Forms. Lightning Forms allows the new form to be amended, so if cell values, positioning or formatting need to be amended they can be manually applied at this point. If you need need to add some logic / conditional formatting then this can also be added. The form is then saved in Modern SharePoint and ready for use!

Writing a InfoPath Form Design to Lightning Forms
Here the writer, Lightning Forms, is being selected to be the chosen creator of the the new form with the updated content into SharePoint online. 

If you would like to see more, you can watch this short video:


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