Kudzu Software

Brett Lonsdale (Co-Founder and CEO of Lightning Tools) and Rob D’Oria (Co-Founder and CTO of Kudzu Software) demonstrate the Kudzu…

In this article we look at how legacy InfoPath Forms can be migrated into Modern SharePoint by using Kudzu Software and Lightning Forms.

Brett and Sandy discuss new features in the December 2023 release of the Form Designer Suite, and they also give an overview of our final live events of 2023.

Brett and Sandy discuss our new partnership with Kudzu Software. This will be an exciting addition to our portfolio, and the perfect complement to Lightning Forms. Kudzu allows the migration of legacy forms from InfoPath, PDF, Excel etc into Modern SharePoint!
They also discuss the 2023 edition of Collabdays at The National Museum Of Computing (UK) which will be on September 27th.