Lightning Tools Chat Episode 3.03

Brett and Sandy discuss our new partnership with Kudzu Softare. Kudzu allows the migration of external legacy forms into Modern SharePoint with Lightning Forms.

In this episode, learn about how our new Form Migrator (offered in partnership with @kudzusoftware1871 ) can help you migrate InfoPath or other forms into custom Lightning Forms SharePoint list forms! Brett also shares information about the next edition of CollabDays Bletchley Park on September 27th 2023.

Register for our Forms Migration webinar scheduled for February 16:

M365 Developer Podcast featuring Rob D’Oria from Kudzu:…

See how to attend, sponsor, or speak at CollabDays, TNMOC at Bletchley Park:…

Visit the Community Days site that Brett mentioned:

Donate to help with the @tnmoc roofing campaign:…Show less


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