Lightning Forms – Adding Sublists to your Modern SharePoint List Forms

Within this video, we insert a sublist into a Modern SharePoint List Form allowing for one to many type solutions to be built within Modern SharePoint List Forms.

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Hello, your video makes perfect sense. However, when I go to SharePoint to try and edit form, I don’t see the options you are seeing. Instead, only option I see is to edit form using PowerApps. Completely different. I’m using O365 SharePoint. How do I use SharePoint forms?

I currently have a list and I want to create a sublist that is linked to the main list. Very similar scenario to your example above.

Thank you.

Hi Holman, in the video we’re demonstrating our Lightning Forms product, which is available for purchase. It’s an alternative to Power Apps. Learn more and download a free trial from

I understood it much better after two or three viewings. Thank you

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