Lightning Forms – Arrange Layout – Creating Sections and Configuring Rows

In this video, we’ll learn how to create sections on our forms, and how to configure rows to have multiple columns.

Creating Sections

Within Lightning Forms, you can create sections in order to arrange your fields appropriately. In the below example, notice that we have a one column section that contains the Title ‘Purchase Order Form’ following by a two column section for Purchase Order Number and Date to be side by side. We then go back to a one column section for the other fields.

Creating sections can also be used to allow for setting Visibility or Enabled properties for a group of fields. We will explain how to accomplish visibility and enabled settings in the Expressions section of our documentation.

To add a section:

  1. Whilst in the design experience for the form that you wish to modify, click the + icon on the left as highlighted in the below screenshot.
  2. Choose the number of columns that you desire.
  3. Drag and drop your fields into the columns as required.

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