Lightning Forms – Arrange Layout – Creating Tabs

In this video, we’ll learn how to create tabs on our forms so that we can group fields together, and control the forms layout so that it is intuitive to users completing the form.

Creating Tabs

To create tabs within our forms, simply open the design experience for your New Form, Edit Form, or Display Form, and then:

  1. Click the + icon within the section where you wish to add your tabs.
  2. Within the Add dialog box, scroll past the fields section until you get to Controls
  3. Click Tabs

  1. With the tabs control now on your form, click the + icon to the right of the tabs until the correct number of tabs are created.
  2. You can configure the Name, Icon, Enabled, and Displayed Properties by clicking the Pencil icon next to each tab.

Just like on the main form, you may decide to create sections within the tabs as we did in the previous video, or simply change the current row configuration for each tab. This allows you to specify the number of columns you would like under each tab.

Note: The last tab that you created with be the default tab. Using a Form Load Action, you can use the Navigate to Tab action to specify the tab that you want to have set as the default. Since this is a common question, we will address it in the below video.

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