Lightning Forms – Arrange Layout – Creating Sublists

In this video, we’ll learn how to create sublists within our forms. Sublists help us to build One-Many type forms using a lookup column between the main list and the sublist.

Creating Sublists

To create sublists within your form:

  1. Click the + icon where you would like the sublist to appear.
  2. From the Add dialog, scroll down to the Lists and Libraries section.
  3. Select the list or library that you wish to insert.
  4. In the List configuration, you can set the following properties:
  • View – Select the view from the sublist that you wish to display
  • Use as Sub item? – Check this option to link the two lists via a lookup column
  • If you are using a lookup column, specify the name of the lookup column, or create a new lookup column by clicking the + icon as highlighted below.
  • CAML filter – Optionally set a filter if you are not using a lookup column to filter the items you wish to see in the sublist.
  • List Forms – Optionally specify which New Form and Edit Form you would like the sublist to use.
  • Appearance Settings – Refine the sublist by choosing whether to display the search, command bar, and Header Text.

Note: Custom JSON formatting or custom buttons do not display on sublists at time of writing.

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